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Do I need to watch Annabelle before Annabelle 2?

Like the title says, must I watch the original film, or can Annabelle 2 be watched as a stand-alone movie?

How was Devil able to hit Sister Charlotte in Annabelle: Creation?

In Annabelle: Creation, towards the end before Sister Charlotte was killed, she chanted something. What verse is that? Why did it have no effect on the Devi

How did the demon possess Janice without permission to take her soul?

In Annabelle Creation, as told in flashback the demon attached itself to the Annabelle doll after permission from Mullins. In the beginning when demon started h

Why don't they destroy Annabelle?

So, it wouldn't make for an exciting movie or any sequels, but why doesn't anyone try to destroy Annabelle, like set her on fire or throw her in a wood chipper?

How did demon contact Janice while it's locked in a room?

In Annabelle: Creation after the Mrs. Mullins explained, we know when girls first enter the house the demon is locked in a room with the Bible pages and can't g

Who is the girl with black hair in the portrait picture?

At some point in Annabelle: Creation, around 2/3 of length I think, one of the girls finds a portrait picture with the cursed doll and a girl with black hair.

Valak's role in Annabelle Creation

Hope, this isn't a duplicate. I've recently watched Annabelle: Creation. And I find that Valak is there (in the form of the 'Evil Nun') in the film. It is clea

Why did Bill tell Loraine the riddle?

Why did Bill Wilkins tell Loraine the riddle she used in figuring the name of the demon? I thought the old man's spirit was controlled by Valak.

How did Annabelle disappear from the closet?

In Annabelle: Creation, where did Annabelle go after she was locked in the closet with the doll? When the closet was opened she wasn't there.

Why was Valak not sent back to Hell?

In the latest entry of The Conjuring universe, the Nun, the evil nun Valak was sealed back to Hell at the end of the movie with Christ's blood. But later, it w

Were there really bells attached to buried bodies?

In the movie The Nun, Father Burke fell into a coffin and got buried alive in a grave with a tombstone. There was a bell right in front of this tombstone and

Possible continuity error in The Nun?

At the end of the movie The Nun, we see that Frenchie's real name is Maurice. And as they are leaving the Abbey, an inverted cross appears on his neck indicatin

How did Frenchie manage to cast out Valak from the Nun's body?

In climactic scene of The Nun, Valak possesses Sister Irene's body while trapping her in a star marked shape in the cellar. While The Nun is chock-holding Frenc

What is the significance of mirrored N in the title of The Nun?

As we can see in this movie poster for The Nun, the N is mirrored. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia What is the significance of this mirrored N? Is it related to t

How did an inverted cross appear on Frenchie's neck?

At the End of the movie The Nun, I was wondering how the cross appeared on Frenchie's neck. I would also like to know what it means and what it can be there fo

Where did this boy come from in The Nun?

In The Nun, It occurs to Father Burke that he can enter the castle through the delivery entrance. Just before he hears the bell, he looks at the delivery door.

Why does Sister Charlotte have a baby blanket in her suitcase?

In Annabelle: Creation, when Sister Charlotte was unpacking her suitcase in the beginning why was there a baby blanket?

How come the ground shook for days after the bombing raids?

In The Nun father Anthony Burke encounters a damaged castle and asks Frenchie: Father Anthony Burke: A result of the war? Frenchie: Bombing raids, yes.

What does "they" in "they're scared" refer to?

In horror movie Annabelle Comes Home (2019), Daniela meets Judy, who is feeding chickens: Judy: So, are you scared yet? Daniela: Scared? What? No.

What's the cross key for in The Nun?

At the opening of the 2018 movie, The Nun, the old nun gives the young nun "a cross key", saying you know what you must do. Then the young nun commits suicide b