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What's in the package which Billy gives Madolyn in The Departed

Just before the climax of The Departed, Billy comes to Madolyn's apartment and gives her a package to keep safe and asks her to open it if he's dead or if he te

How did Matt Damon's partner know he went to meet Leonardo DiCaprio?

In the end of The Departed, Matt Damon's partner comes to his rescue, shooting Leonardo DiCaprio's character along with the friend whom Leo had asked to come to

What was in the package Nicholson gives to Damon?

After Matt Damon's character in The Departed graduates the state police academy, he is picked up by Costello ("no more pencils, no more books"), and given a box

The Departed reference in How I Met Your Mother

In HIMYM, there's a continual reference to the movie Departed in the dialogue between Ted and Marshall, which goes like: "-Are you a cop? -I'm not a cop." You c

What's the story of the other mole in the police department?

The Departed is 9 years old now, but SPOILER WARNING anyway. At the end, Costigan is shot by Trooper Barrigan, another mole in the Boston Police Department, wh

What was Billy's goal for becoming a cop and going undercover?

In The Departed, Billy Costigan he was very intelligent and could have been anything he wanted to be, but he chose to become a state trooper. Why? What was his

When did Sullivan exactly realize who the undercover guy (DiCaprio) was?

When does Sullivan find out who the undercover guy (DiCaprio) was in The Departed? Is it when he says on the phone: So it is you. Thank God you're all right

Who was Dignam working for?

At the end of The Departed, Dignam kills Sullivan after finding out that he was the rat all along and responsible for Billy Costigan's death. Did Dignam do t

What does Costello's drawing symbolize?

In The Departed there is a scene where Jack Nicholson's character makes a drawing. The drawing is of rats and the Massachusetts State House. He sets the drawing

Why didn't the member of Frank's gang say he knew that Billy is the snitch?

After one of Frank's gang members got shot by Sullivan's troops, he told Billy that he gave him the wrong address and he knew that he was the snitch, but why di

Why don't the cops pursue Costello's crew after the shootout?

In The Departed (2006), there is a brief firefight between Costello's crew and the plainclothes officers tailing Capt. Queenan after Queenan is thrown from the

Whose baby was it?

In The Departed, Both Costigan and Sullivan end up sleeping with the same woman? Yes, both Costigan and Sullivan fall for the same lady, Madolyn, at different p

What did Dr. Madden want to say to Billy before she got cut off?

In the film "The Departed", when Billy Costigan gave Dr. Madden an envelope, he says something along the lines of: Whatever you wannt to say, think about it

Is there any reason why Frank Costello does not speak with an Irish accent?

Similar to this question here, is there any reason why Frank Costello does not speak with an Irish accent in The Departed, like Pierce Brosnan does in The Forei

Why did the camera tech cop react in this way?

In The Departed (2006), in a secret place, Frank Costello is doing business with some Chinese: Frank: For his own good, tell Bruce Lee and the Karate Kids..

What does "that" refer to?

In The Departed (2006), upon knowing Colin Sullivan is the mole in the police department, Billy Costigan approaches Madolyn to give her a package: Billy Costig

Why can't William "Billy" Costigan be a state trooper with 1400 SAT score? [closed]

In The Departed (2006), Capt. Oliver Queenan speaks to William "Billy" Costigan: Capt. Oliver Queenan: Five years from now you could be anyth

What questions is French referring to?

In The Departed (2006), Fitzy and Delahunt are playing "who's cop & whose not" in front of the bar. Billy is sitting in the bar and there are a group of men

What does "He's a lox" mean?

In The Departed (2006), Frank speaks on phone with Colin, who just saw dead bodies of two gentlemen from Providence: Frank Costello: Who's the lead detective?

Did Scorsese know Nicholson would pull a real, unscripted gun on DiCaprio?

After 05:20 in the video Iconic Movie Scenes That Were Never Supposed To Happen the narrator says: In one scene, Nicholson totally surprised co-star Leonardo D