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Why does Frankie Pentangeli's would be assassin say "Michael Corleone says hello"?

In The Godfather 2, Frankie Pentangeli walks into a bar. A man puts a cord around his neck and says "Michael Corleone says hello". Later on we find out that Ro

Why does Frankie Pentangeli immediately change his story when he sees his brother?

In The Godfather 2 Frankie Pentangeli is before a committee ready give evidence against Michael Corleone. His brother enters the room and Frankie to immediately

Who killed the assassins after the failed hit on Michael Corleone?

Michael survives an attempt on his life at the beginning of The Godfather Part II. The gunmen miss him and attempt to flee. We then see that they have been kill

What exactly did Fredo do to betray Michael?

We know Fredo betrayed Michael by working with Hyman Roth and Johnny Ola. What exactly did he do though? He says he didn't know it was going to be a hit and th

Did anyone back in America know about Michael's marriage to Appolonia in Sicily?

During the course of The Godfather Michael marries Appolonia in Sicily. A failed assasination attempt results in her death. Shortly after, Michael returns to Ne

What happened to Willie Cicci after the grand jury in Godfather II?

In The Godfather: Part II, Willie Cicci, played by Joe Spinelli, testifies that Michael Corleone was involved in organised crime and the head of the Corleone fa

What was going on with Tom Hagen?

In The Godfather, Part II there's some conflict between Michael and Tom: TOM: That plane goes to Miami. MICHAEL: That's where I want it met. TOM:

Why did Sonny trust Carlo enough to introduce him to the family and then sour on him?

In The Godfather I, Carlo is seen as an abuser of his wife Connie, and my general feeling is that he's somewhat of an outsider who wants desperately to get invo

Does Al Pacino really slap Diane Keaton in The Godfather II?

I was watching The Godfather II tonight and was thinking about the scene where Kay (Keaton) tells Michael (Pacino) that she had an abortion. Pacino appears to h

Johnny Ola's cut finger in The Godfather 2 - accident or what?

I noticed something in The Godfather: Part II when, during Hyman Roth's birthday cake presentation, Johnny Ola seems to cut his finger when preparing to cut the

Was the “Superman” show that was shown in Cuba in “Godfather II” a real show?

In The Godfather II, when Fredo leads the group of people to a club in La Habana, a show is presented where a man with a cape appears in the scene with a couple

Why didn't Don Fanucci have any bodyguards so that Vito killed him so easily?

In The Godfather II, Vito decides to get rid of Don Fanucci and kills him during the carnival outside his apartment. How could it be so easy to kill Don Fanucci

Would Michael Corleone stay in Cuba?

What was Michael Corleone's and Hyman Roth's initial plan in Cuba in The Godfather: Part II? What would have happened if a revolution did not happen when Micha

Did Fredo know he was doomed on the boat?

In The Godfather: Part II Fredo was set to go fishing on Lake Tahoe with one of the Corleone children, but at the last minute he is told the child can't go, and

Vito killing Don Fanucci

When Vito kills Don Fanucci in Godfather II, does he have to pay tribute to someone higher in the organization? Or can he just take over Fanucci's neighborhood?

Film Location of Tommasino olive oil factory

Who knows where the olive oil mill/facility of Tommasino is (where Michael makes such a cute face when he tastes an olive)?

Film Location of Don Ciccio's Villa

Can anyone tell me the location of Don Ciccio's villa? It was used twice in GF II. Once for the death of Vito's mother, and Vito's subsequent escape. Then ag

Why did Frank Pentangeli kill himself in Godfather 2?

In The Godfather: Part II Frankie Pentangeli tells Tom a story about the Roman Empire and then he kills himself. Why exactly does he do that?

Tom Hagen's role after Vito Corleone stepped down as Godfather

We all saw that after Vito Corleone stepped down as Godfather, Micheal turned Tom out as consigliere, but I see Tom is still active as Corleone family adviser,

Why did Michael Corleone not forgive his brother Fredo?

In The Godfather: Part II Fredo betrayed Michael by giving Ola and Roth information that helped to make an attempt on Michael's life at his home. Fredo was care