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Are any of the questions in Michael's test valid reasons for being sent to the Bad Place?

In Season 1, Episode 8 of The Good Place, Michael asks Eleanor a bunch of questions to see if she is worthy of being in the Good Place, with the implication tha

Does Mindy St Claire's "Medium Place" have a Janet?

In Season 1, Episode 12 of The Good Place we find out about the existence of the Medium Place, created especially for Mindy St Claire. Later, in Season 2, Episo

What makes a comedy series a sitcom?

What exactly is a sitcom? In particular: what distinguishes sitcoms among the (presumably) broader category of comedy series? It's easy enough to give classica

Is The Good Place inspired by Swedenborg as a state of spirit rather than a Place?

The Good Place goes under the premise that four people died and are in the afterlife. In different seasons it is hinted or explicitly said that everything in Th

Why isn't Mindy St Claire asking Janet to conjure up some cocaine?

Am I missing something in The Good Place? Janet is the one accompanying the humans to her place and she can conjure up anything people ask for. She even conjur

What was Michael's role in Chidi's idea?

In the Season 3 premiere of The Good Place, Michael interferes and goes back to Earth for a third time or so it seems when Chidi soon has the idea t

What was Shawn's purpose for coming to The Good Place in Season 1?

In S1E11 "What's My Motivation", Shawn, the All-Knowing Judge of the Universe arrives to judge the fate of Eleanor and whether she should be sent to The Bad Pla

Is Mindy St Claire the best person in 500 years?

By season 3 of The Good Place we know that: no human has entered the Good Place in 500 Years the only person that has avoided going to the Bad Place is Mindy S

Do The Good Place creators need authorizations for the name dropping?

In The Good Place, Tahani keeps naming well-known people and series from the real world, expressing opinions about them. Most of them are kind-of-harmless, but

Have any other real people appeared in The Good Place?

Early in the final episode of The Good Place Chidi is leading a philosophy discussion and a disagreement emerges on the interpretation of a particular sentence

What is Tahani's connection to the black market?

In season 3 episode 4 of The Good Place, at the 18:31 minute mark, Michael and Janet are saying that the experiment is over they are preparing a manifesto; howe

Why don't we see Janet having rebooting problems after the first time she's rebooted?

In The Good Place, the first time Janet is rebooted she takes quite a long time to get back to normal; she starts handing people cacti and generally being unhel

Why could Doug Forcett earn points?

After Janet and Michael accidentally revealed the nature of the Afterlife to Chidi, Elinor, Jason, and Tahani, Michael stated that their newfound knowledge mean