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How big of a deal is the state's attorney's office of cook county? [closed]

In the TV series The Good Wife Peter and Alicia Florrick are running for state's attorney at some point. A lot of effort goes into both of the

Is the character Colin Sweeney in "The Good Wife" a reference to Sweeney Todd?

Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) is a recurring character on the series The Good Wife (and spin off The Good Fight) introduced in the season one episode titled, Bad.

Can Parallel Trials Like This Happen in Real Life?

"Battle of the Proxies" -- episode 10 of season 4 of The Good Wife -- features parallel trials in different Illinois Counties with two different murder suspects

How realistic are legal analysis panels like these?

In The Good Wife episode 7.15 titled, Targets, Alicia Florrick is selected for a small panel of legal advisers to partake an a legal analysis of some executive

Does Lemond Bishop have other children?

Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter) is a recurring character on The Good Wife & The Good Fight. He's known as the top drug dealer in Chicago, and often the law firm