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Why does Chris Mannix hate Joe Gage?

There was no interaction between Chris and Joe save for when Chris went to get Joe to share his Brandy, which Joe did, in the deleted cut. What would make Chris

What's the meaning of this dialogue about trees in The Hateful Eight?

What's the meaning of the following dialogue in The Hateful Eight? "...for no more a reason than to give a n**** a run for the trees." "I made them trees.

Why did Warren tell the story of the "no dogs or Mexicans" sign?

In The Hateful Eight by Tarantino, Maj. Warren seemed to be suspicious of Bob pretty much from the beginning. In the last minutes before actually killing him, h

Is it a coincidence that Tarantino’s eighth film has “Eight" in the title?

Quentin Tarantino is known for caring about the numbering of his films. Going by his own numbering, which counts Kill Bill as a single movie, The Hateful Eight