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Why release "The Irishman" on Netflix within a month of theatrical release?

Looks like The Irishman (2019) is one of the most expensive films of Scorsese's career. Wikipedia quote: The Irishman scheduled to receive a limited

Who were the "higher ups" in The Irishman?

In The Irishman, during the testimonial dinner for Frank Sheeran (played by Robert De Niro), Joe Pesci's character, Russell Bufalino tells Sheeran that the high

How was Chuckie involved in the assasination of Hoffa?

In the movie The Irishman Chucky came with his car, and then Frank and Sally Bugs approached the car. Sally Bugs and Chuckie started a little drama so that they

Why did Jimmy Hoffa never order the killing of Tony Pro?

In the movie The Irishman we can see a lot of quarrel between Jimmy Hoffa and Tony Pro, many a time Tony Pro almost beat Hoffa to the ground. But it seems very

For whom did Sally Bugs work?

There is a little confusion in The Irishman about Sally Bugs. I mean whose man was he? Hoffa was controlling everything from prison (during his prison-time) and

What's the significance of "how they die" tags over every character?

In The Irishman (2019), this "how they die" tag shows up whenever a new charcater appears on the screen: What's the significance of "how they die" tags over

What's the meaning of "I can't get the drinks out"?

In The Irishman (2019), Jake asks Jimmy a bridge loan: Jake: I got the first topless act on the Strip. I'm telling you, we're booming in there. I can't g

Why did Jimmy leave the Frank's room door slightly open?

In The Irishman (2019), Jimmy tells Frank a war philosophy: Jimmy: In a war, you go from point A to point B. Sometimes, you spill a little beer along the

Why is the court scene interrupted by the discussion between King, Frank and the Investigator when it makes the chronology harder to understand?

In The Irishman (2019), In the court, the Prosecutor questions a man: PROSECUTOR: Did you make this statement to the grand jury? I'll read it for you. "Brenn

What concrete factors led to The Irishman performing poorly at the box office?

Scorsese's The Irishman (2019) seems to have severely underperformed at the box office. According to Wikipedia, it had a box office of 8 million dollars again

Why is Jimmy angry at the flag flying at half mast?

In the Irishman (2019), after JFK was shot dead, after he exited international brotherhood of teamsters, Jimmy sees the US flag flying at half-mast on top of th

Did the Italians plan to strangle Frank Sheeran before assassinating Jimmy Hoffa? Why?

I don't understand the episode with the fish on the back seat of Chuckie's car in The Irishman. It looks like Sally Bugs were to strangle Frank Sheeran but some

What is the meaning of Peggy looking weirdly to some people in "The Irishman"?

This scene is when Dolores the fourth child of Frank Sheeran was getting baptized by Rusell. It is at that very moment Frank was saying Russell and Carrie bapt

How does the symbolism of carpentery and handling the dead bodies make sense in the Irishman?

I got the point of painting the house as a symbol to kill someone because when you shot someone in the head and he is in front of wall, wall will get painted wi

Purpose of showing repeated scene of extortion by Russell in "The Irishman"

In mid way around the movie, we see Russell collecting money from various shop stores. If it would have been from one or two that have been okay but the scene e

What "phone call" is Frank referring to?

During final prayers, Frank says to Priest: Frank: What kind of man makes a... a phone call like that? Priest: What do you mean? What phone call? Frank: Well,