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What happened to Noah and Allie at the end?

At the end of The Notebook, we see Allie and Noah dead together holding each other's hands. I think that Noah had been trying for a couple of times to let Allie

Why didn't Noah go to Allie's school or home when she didn't reply

When it became apparent in The Notebook that Allie was not returning any of his letters, why didn't Noah go to her home or her school to confront her? He knew t

How could any of the children of Noah and Allie have kids with black hair?

There's a scene in "The Notebook" in which Noah and Allie's kids come to visit them in the retirement home. Some of their kids have black hair, while the rest a

Are there two versions of The Notebook's ending? If so, why?

Last night, my partner and I watched The Notebook on (UK) Netflix. At the end of the film, Noah climbs into Allie's bed, where they hold hands and talk about m

Why did Allie's Mom disapprove of Noah?

In The Notebook, why did Allie's mom disapprove of Noah? At the beginning, she said he was "trash" and she also hid the 365 letters that he sent to Allie. Of co

Why is Allie looking at herself?

In The Notebook, Allie appears to be standing by the glass doorway looking at herself in the room. What is happening here? Could someone explain this please,