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Can a corporation really adopt a person?

In The Truman Show, a child is adopted by a corporation. Often, people say corporations are legally considered as "people", insofar as tax law is concerned. B

Why does Christof include 'exits' in Truman's world?

In the film The Truman Show, Truman expresses a desire to leave the island and to explore the world. He attempts to leave via car/boat/bus but is always thwarte

Could Truman's wife be considered to be a prostitute under the governing laws of California? [closed]

In the movie "The Truman Show", the show takes place in the fictional town of Seahaven. However this town is actually located in California.

Why did the father in the Truman Show appear in the town as a homeless person?

In the scene where Truman is going to work and notices the homeless man to be his father, they cart the father off and then make him reappear later in the show

Identifying Audio Film Technique - The Truman Show

Truman, trying to escape Seahaven, crashes his sailing boat into the studio's wall. In anger and confusion he punches and elbows the wall repeatedly. However,

What Was Christoff’s Alternate Plan?

At the end of The Truman Show, Truman finally discovers it was all fake after all. It was just a set. He finds the sky-painted far edge of the Omnicanecospher