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Who or what killed the camp of people in so little time?

In the Walking Dead S4E07, Phillip (who now goes by Brian) Is on a supply hunt with the camp people that got him and Brian's step daughter out of the walker pit

Who machine gunned the Saviours that Carol was being held at gunpoint by?

I'm still a bit confused, in late Season 6 of The Walking Dead, Carol went away from the community for certain reasons, she had a car with wooden spikes protrud

Who is the walker that Michonne saw in Season 4 Episode 9?

In the walking dead season 4 episode 10 After, there is a scene where Michonne gets back to the prison and sees nobody there. Then, she uses her old technique o

Why did Rick decide to keep Negan alive?

In S8E16 of the Walking dead, we see near the end that there is a big gun fight happening, but then later in that fight (Hilltop, scavengers, the kingdom vs the

How did Carl not die when he got shot in the eye in The Walking Dead?

Most people would die from being shot in the eye. I know when Denise got shot with a arrow in the eye, she died, so why didn't Carl? Don't get me wrong I'm happ

How did Michonne get her sword back?

In S05, when arriving at Terminus, Michonne is stripped of her sword. In E03, she appears back with it, but I missed the part that she got it back. Carrol did n

Why take that "glass floor" risk in the museum?

In The Walking Dead's 'A New Beginning' (season 9 episode 1 / S09E01), a team led by Rick Grimes enters the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, in order to f

Are newborn babies infected?

In The Walking Dead we learn early on (S2 if memory serves) that everyone is infected and the infection only takes effect after death but I don't recall if new

How old was Carl in The Walking Dead?

According to the The Walking Dead wiki Carl was 12 years old when the show started, although the actor was 10-11 at the time. How old is Carl when season 8 star

Why not use dead the Michonne way (hands & teeth removed), plus guts for smell repulsion?

In the entire The Walking Dead series the only smart usage of the walkers was by Michonne to set up her few walk along walkers; no hands, no teeth and kind of i

What's the criteria/reasoning for Rick's three questions in The Walking Dead?

At a certain point in The Walking Dead, Rick [and later on other members of the group] started asking potential newcomers three questions as a kind of screening

In season 3 of The Walking Dead, was Morgan referring to The Whisperers from Season 9?

In S03E12 of The Walking Dead when Morgan and Rick cross paths again and Rick tries convincing Morgan that they know each other, Morgan exclaims that there are

Why did Shane see those visions when he died?

In season 2 episode 12 of The Walking Dead, when Shane gets killed by Rick, Shane sees a vision of a bunch of walkers... Does this have any meaning? I've watche

What is "A" and "B" in The Walking Dead?

So I was just watching "What comes after" And I realised that Anne referred to Rick as a B as oppose to in season 8 when she wrote "A" on the boxcar he was trap

What happened to the group at Grady Memorial Hospital?

He everyone, I'm rewatching season 5 of The Walking Dead and I just saw the scene when Beth got killed and the police officers behind Dawn tell them to leave an