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Where was The West Wing shot?

Where was the series 'The West Wing' shot ? Was it a replica set of the White House made elsewhere? And episodes where they show the presidential motorcade

Political Consultants on The West Wing

Did 'The West Wing' use political consultants on the show much like procedural medical shows use doctors as consultants? Or was the politics depicted in the sh

Why did Rob Lowe exit The West Wing?

Why did Rob Lowe's character exit The West Wing towards the end of Season 4? Specifically is there any documented reasoning behind the same?

Where was Camp David set up for The West Wing?

What location doubled as a stand-in for Camp David specifically for The West Wing's Season 6, Episode 2: The Birnam Wood? It appears to be an outdoor location a

What was the question about reparations that Josh Lyman almost asked, then didn't?

There was a conversation between Josh Lyman and an advocate for reparations to African Americans that took place in Lyman's office. I think it's the episode men

In the West Wing was Evelyn Baker Lang based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Christopher Mulready based on Antonin Scalia?

Today we remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Bill Clinton once said Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died today aged 87, was too thoughtful to be labelled. But many tried to