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What is the significance of the title "Agora"?

One thing that's haunting me after watching the movie "Agora" is the title, What was the significance of this title?

What does X mean in American History X?

In the movie title American History X, what exactly does X represent? I could think of Roman numeral X (10) or generation x, however, I don't seem to fully und

Why is the film called "Saving Mr. Banks"?

I saw the movie, Mr. Banks is a character in the "Mary Poppins" story. But the whole plot does not match the title, Helen Goff was heavily influenced by her fa

What does the title "Reservoir Dogs" mean?

Aside from speculations of the title coming from Tarantino's mispronunciation of the French film name, what meaning does Reservoir Dogs have in context of the a

Significance of the movie title Magnolia?

In Magnolia (1999), all characters struggle to find love but when I type Magnolia in Google it only shows flower images. What does this title signify in referen

Why is Four Moons titled Four Moons and nothing else?

Four Moons (Spanish: Cuatro lunas) is a gay anthology film about four stories so having Four in the title is well obvious. But why did the director/producer sel

How does Te3n justify its title?

In the movie Te3n, the child that is kidnapped is around six to eight years. Then how is the movie named teen? Is there any other logic for this title?

Why it is called "The Next Three Days"?

I really enjoyed this movie. It was an excellent thriller about a couple's escape with their son to Canada. I was confused, however, by the title: The Next Th

Title reference of Pierce Brosnan James Bond movies

Reference for the title of the James Bond movies was either taken from the novels by Ian Fleming or the particular story element. For eg. GoldenEye, Octopussy e

Why is it called "Eastern Promises"?

The plot of the movie Eastern Promises depends on Russian gangsters and prostitution things. I didn't find the word "promise" in any expression of the movie's

Why is it called "Match Point"?

This movie is about a married man killing a beautiful woman, because she is pregnant with his child. Why is it called Match Point?

What is the significance of the title Penny Dreadful?

According to Wiki: Penny dreadful is a pejorative term used to refer to cheap popular serial literature produced during the nineteenth century in the Unite

How does Kaafiron ki Namaaz justify it's title?

Kaafiron ki Namaaz is a story about an army man, a writer and a musician, who share their secrets. They had a dramatic discussion which turns into a fiery meet

Why it is called "The Ides of March"?

When I search the words The Ides of March it gives me the assassination day of Julius Caesar. But the movie's plot is related to political drama. Why it is ca

Why is the movie called "8 mile"?

8 mile, the movie that deals with hip hop competition. A young rapper, struggling with every aspect of his life, wants to make it big but his friends and

Why is this episode titled "Book of the Stranger"?

In Game of Thrones, episode 54 of series 6 has been given title Book of the Stranger. How is this title relevant to the episode? What have I missed?

Why it is called "Inherent Vice"?

I saw the Wiki page of Inherent Vice, I did't find much info about the title. Inherent Vice was adapted by Anderson from the novel of the same name by Tho

Why was the HBO TV documentary about Robert Durst titled as The Jinx?

Why was the 6 episode HBO documentary on The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst titled as The Jinx. The English meaning of Jinx is to bring bad luck to something.

Why is the movie titled "10 Things I Hate About You"?

I saw the film 10 Things I Hate About You. The plot is about Patrick Verona getting paid to love Kat so Cameron James can date Bianca Stratford. But I don't un

How would you read '71 and how did the title suit with the film's story?

Recently I saw the movie '71 and loved it. However what confused me was what did the title mean, as in how would you read it 'dash' seventy one? Does it mean ye