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In-universe, was Eddie and Reed’s song ‘The Touch’ plagiarised by Transformers after Boogie Nights?

In Boogie Nights, Eddie Adams and Reed Rothchild record a song called ‘The Touch’. The recording session takes place in March 1983. Eddie is later u

How did Megatron learn English?

In Transformers, when Megatron was able to break free, he says "I am Megatron.". But how was he able to do it, given that the Transformers had to learn Englis

Why could only a Prime defeat the Fallen?

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Jetfire reveals that only a Prime could defeat the Fallen. So why is it that only a Prime could defeat the Fallen?

Are Transformers robots?

After watching Bumblebee, this question arose in my mind. What are these Transformers? Are they some post-biological species or a different species all together

Why does the human blood look colorless in this scene?

In Bumblebee (2018), one of the Decepticons shot the human with their gun, causing the human to explode into what looked like colorless blood: Why does the

How did Bumblebee destroy Dropkick so easily?

In Bumblebee (2018), Bumblebee grabs a chain and wraps it around Dropkick. Dropkick shows no fear to the chains. Dropkick: You think these little chains can

Why don't the Autobots use their lasers in combat?

In Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, there is a scene where the Autobots find Sentinal on the crashed ship on the moon. They then proceed to use their lasers to c

How do Transformers die?

How do you permanently kill a Transformer? In other words, "kill" a Transformer such that it cannot be "revived."

Why did Optimus Prime and his team still leave Cybertron after eliminating the AllSpark threat?

In Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege, Megatron wanted to 'eliminate' the Autobots by using the AllSpark. Therefore, Optimus Prime devised a plan to obtain

What happened to the other Autobots?

I know Jazz was ripped in half by Megatron. Jetfire, Arcee, and Elita-1 were killed by Deceptions in Egypt. Ironhide and Que were killed in DOTM. Ratchet and Le

What happened after Megatron took the Matrix of Leadership and AllSpark?

In episode 4 of Transformers War For Cybertron: Kingdom we saw Optimus Prime giving up the Matrix of Leadership and the AllSpark in the temple (after communicat

What are circle logs?

In Transformers, there's the following dialogue: We also have a security issue. Circle logs indicate one of the analysts made a copy of the network intrusion s

What scene contains the blue sky beam in Transformers: Dark of the moon? [closed]

There is a scene in Transformers: Dark of the moon that has the Decepticons using a portal (in the make of a blue sky beam) to bring their pla