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How does the voicing for "Ma vie de Courgette" work in British and American English?

Ma vie de Courgette is a Swiss/French animation that was nominated for an Oscar this year. In the UK it's titled "My Life as a Courgette", while in America it's

Why were the songs not translated/dubbed into German?

When watching Brave in German I noticed that the songs actually haven't been translated (and redubbed accordingly). Rather than that, they were just left in the

Why is the spoken German in many US films and TV shows so inaccurate?

Is there a reason why in so many English-language movies and TV series, whenever someone is speaking "German", they (actors, writers etc.) just don't care about

What was on Aladdin's list?

I was rereading this great answer about the movie Aladdin when this quote from the script caught my eye: So what you wish I really want to know You got a wish

Magallanes - Translation from Quechua

In the 2014 movie Magallanes, the female lead character Celina, played by actress Magaly Solier, talks/rants in Quechua from 1:40 to 1:41 (scene at the police o

What is the Arabic saying behind “Angst essen Seele auf”?

In Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s film Angst essen Seele auf (1974), Ali uses an Arabic saying, in broken German: Angst essen Seele auf. (Fear eat soul.

Determine original language of the movie

Sometimes I want to watch some movie in its original language i.e. without translation. For some movies, it's pretty easy. For example, Antonioni's Blowup was

What are the characters saying in the first few minutes of Assassins Creed?

The movie Assassins Creed starts out with a scene in Spain in which the characters are having a 5-minute conversation in Spanish. Is anyone able to translate/ex

Do translators get a list of jokes and/or puns when making their translations?

In the discussion in the comments to this question about Aladdin, people talk about puns being lost in translation. For example: After that, in the end, a

Who is responsible for movie titles in foreign countries?

I have always wondered who is responsible for movie titles in foreign countries. Specifically, for movies made in the USA and distributed internationally. Some

English translation of German conversation in Kelly’s Heroes

Just before Oddball’s tanks launched a surprise attack on a railway yard in France while on the way to meet up with Kelly and his platoon, the two German

What is written on the wall in this scene of The Danish Girl?

I am from India and curious to know what is written on the wall. I am not familiar with these fonts and this language.

English translation of Russian text in My Way

In the Korean movie "My Way", which takes place during World War II, a group of Japanese soldiers were taken prisoner by the Soviet Red Army after the Battle of

Moldavian translation from Dracula spoof

In Mel Brook’s Dracula: Dead and Loving It, there are some lines spoken in Moldavian (Romanian) during the dialogue between Van Helsing and Count Dracula

How does the internationalization of Forensic Files work?

The true crime docutainment series Forensic Files is broadcast on German TV under its original title Medical Detectives. The episodes (and thus the actual cases

What does the Russian soldier say to Sarah Ross while she is pretending to be a guard in the Kremlin?

At one point in Red 2, the team infiltrates the Kremlin in order to retrieve Nightshade. Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker) has to stand guard outside a door, posi

What is the more accurate translation for this scene in the series Kingdom?

Watching the Netflix original Kingdom, I notice that the English subtitles and dubs sometimes say vastly different things. In one scene someone says out loud "

What is the meaning of the Latin exchange between Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo in Tombstone?

In Tombstone (1993) Doc Holliday played by Val Kilmer and Johnny Ringo played by Michael Biehn have an unsubtitled exchange in Latin.

Why is "Captain Marvel" translated as male in Portugal?

In Portugal, Captain Marvel (2019) is translated to Capitão Marvel, which is the male term for captain, female being capitã. Is there a reason fo

Why would Pee Wee Herman and President Reagan say "Mecka-lecka Hi Mecka-hiney Ho" or similar?

Pee-wee Herman and Jambi say "Mecka-lecka Hi Mecka-hiney Ho" in "Jambese" (first video, found in Mecka-lecka Hi Mecka-hiney Ho; Scene from The Pee-wee Herman Sh