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How much money did Charlie Harper have?

This is quite tricky to figure out, and I am not looking for a specific number, but for a approximation. As you know, Charlie (nearly) always had a lot of mone

Why do popular series end? [closed]

Popular TV series such as Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Two And A Half Men all came to an end. Why is that happened, when they could have c

Why do they use the same actor for two different roles in a series?

In Two and a Half Men, some different roles in the series are played by the same actor. For instance, in season 4 there is Herb's sister, which is exactly the s

Why did Rose not know Where Berta Lived?

In S01E04, Berta the housekeeper angrily leaves Charlie because his annoying Brother Alan is living with him now. Of course Charlie and Berta are used to each

What happened to Sandy from Season 3 Christmas episode?

Sandy was the cook teacher who was dating Alan and started living with him. Her food led to both Charlie and Alan to gain pot bellies. I do not remember the epi