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Why wasn't Evey recognized?

In V for Vendetta, when V captures Evey and imprisons her in the makeshift prison that he created, he shaves her head and Evey is proven to have no fear. When

Why was Evey's head still shaved?

In V for Vendetta, Evey has her head shaven while in captivity: After she is released, it appears that a significant amount of time goes by and Evey is shown

What did the Bishop mean by his "last remittance"?

In the scene with Bishop Lilliman from V for Vendetta, the Bishop says to his assistant: It wasn't labor that I was speaking of, but rather my final remitta

Who is the character 'V'? [duplicate]

I have just watched the movie V for Vendetta, released in 2006. In this movie, who is behind the mask? Is this character's real face shown i

Didn't Gordon expect the consequences of the ridiculous comedy show?

Gordon Deitrich works in the British news network. He makes a ridiculous show on Chancellor Adam Sutler in a Television show. When Evey asks what will he do, he

Who is the woman in the crowd when Guy Fawkes is being hanged?

In V for Vendetta, at the beginning of the movie when it shows Guy Fawkes being hanged, there's a woman in the crowd that's crying. Everyone else is cheering/la

What is the meaning of the lines recited by V prior to saving Evey from fingermen?

When rescuing Evey from the fingermen in V for Vendetta, V says the following line: The multiplying villanies of nature do swarm upon him. Disdaining fortun

What does V mean by unforeseen circumstances that had accelerated his plans?

40 minutes into V for Vendetta V tells Evie: It appears that unforeseen circumstances have accelerated my original plan. Now I assume that "unforeseen cir

Why did Gordon make Evey the same breakfast and also saying bonjour to her?

In the movie V for Vendetta when Evey flees to Gordon, he makes her the same breakfast that V had made for her just the day before and he also said bonjour when

Was V saving Evey really coincidence?

In the movie V for Vendetta, the first thing we see is V and Evey mirroring each other and then Evey gets in trouble and V saves her. I find that so strange be

Why did the Wachowskis change the story's themes so significantly?

In the movie V for Vendetta, there is some point where a guy is robbing a store with V's mask and with a gun. Then he shouts "anarchy in the UK." after getting

What's the meaning of the little girl in V for Vendetta?

I know that she takes in the rebellion of V and moves forward with it, but then she dies. Is that a take on the casualties of a rebellion, the fault of oppressi

Why didn't Mr Creedy get a scarlet carson?

During V for Vendetta, V gave a scarlet Carson to every single one of his victims he took revenge on, for what they did to Valerie. All of them, except Mr. Cree

Does "V for Vendetta" have a religious subtext or bias?

While watching V for Vendetta with a protestant family member (after having watched it many times myself), I immediately had to defend the movie as not specific

Why didn't V defend himself as soon as Peter Creedy and henchmen started shooting V?

V has Olympic-level reflexes, enhanced strength, speed and dexterity as well as expanded mental capacity, and relies on his wits and his planning to get in and

Why did V only wear a steel breastplate instead of something more bulletproof like Kevlar?

V was wearing a steel breastplate That's why he wore steel plate. Based on these comments and my memory, V wore just 1 breastplate over his abdomen before his