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What is the significance of flies?

In the very first episode of Westworld there are several scenes involving flies. Usually this is in the form of flies crawling over the faces of people. In the

Is the new Westworld HBO series a continuation of the story from the 1973 movie?

In the pilot episode of HBO's Westworld series there is mention that there hasn't been an "incident" with the robots in 30 years. The Man in Black character pla

Have guns in Westworld started operating differently?

In the first episode of the show Westworld, Ed Harris (a "guest" / human) is being shot at by James Marsden (a "host" / robot). It is as though Ed Harris has a

How did the guy in the 1st episode of Westworld not get hurt when he was shot? [duplicate]

At first when I saw the guy not get hurt, I assumed this was a simulated / virtual reality world. Then as the episode goes on it's shown that

What exactly is the physiology of hosts in the Westworld TV series?

We learn from Ed Harris that initially, the hosts were androids - mechanical robots made to look like humans. This is also seen in some flashback sequences, and

What protects the Westworld guests from injuries caused by weapons other than guns?

We know that guns in the Westworld TV series use simunition, which makes them only very weakly effective against guests. However, hosts who try to shoot guests

In Westworld, how can guests tell the difference between guests and hosts?

How can guests (humans) differentiate hosts (robots) from other guests? This might be a simple misunderstanding -- one guest assuming another guest is a host.

How did an event in Episode 8 of Westworld occur?

Edited based on the events of Episode 9 In the 8th episode of Westworld, it was reveled in a split-second flashback that Bernard had killed other people for For

How do guests make requests in the WestWorld game?

In Dissonance Theory we see the park operators discussing a request from The Man in Black for "a pyrotechnic effect, low yield, two charges". He then lights up

Live video feeds through hosts' eyes in Westworld

How come we don't see the park operators access video feeds through a host's eyes, while they do have full write access to their brains? (Random read access is

Why does no-one recognise Bernard?

Spoiler markdown is annoying, and will only be here for a week. Don't read further if you're not up to date with Westworld. It has been revealed in episode 9 o

Time Discontinuity in Westworld Between Characters

How is it that the all-black-clad man in Westworld can continue on his mission to find the center of the maze, with time continuing on for him, but every time a

Is Felix a host?

I believe the final episode of season one of Westworld gives some indication that Felix might be a host: Maeve's escape was not her own idea, but a storyline g

Why doesn't Dolores have bones?

At the beginning of Episode 10 of the first season of Westworld, we see Arnold adding skin to a metal frame of Dolores. We later see Sylvester working on add

Westworld S01E02: How did they get to the park by an elevator inside a moving train?

There are pretty suitable explanations why the guests can't be harmed or how do the hosts work. Though, there is still something I can not figure out. When th

How is it that no one knows who Arnold is? [duplicate]

We found out later in the season that Bernard is made in the image of Arnold. Also in earlier episodes, Bernard himself asks Ford about Arnold

At what point can a host control another host in Westworld?

As we have seen alrady in Westworld that Bernard is host too, he was once controlled by Maeve via voice command and we have have also seen that voice command di

Is it possible for a host to go beyond its storyline?

We have seen that Maeve has altered her intelligence level to maximum and she can control other hosts via voice command. But later we have seen that it is all i

Where is the Westworld park actually located?

Where exactly is the park in Westworld located, is it an actual place or a man made ecosphere? In Episode 4 (The Dissonance Theory), we see the Man In Black us

Why did the host technicians obey Maeve instead of shutting her down and cleaning all her data?

Its started from Episode 6 - The Adversary where Maeve start's threatening the host technicians Felix and Sylvester. They both were had access to all the contr