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Why would it be dangerous for a host to reach The Forge and get all the guest data?

In HBO's Westworld S2E9, Bernard says that in addition to The Cradle, which contains all the hosts' personalities, there is a digital repository called The Forg

How did Teddy get into the Sublime?

In the Westworld Season 2 finale called 'The Passenger', it's shown that many of the hosts escaped into the new digital world called 'Sublime' by exiting their

Why did Dolores do this to Bernard at the series ending?

At the end of Westworld's second season, Dolores has escaped in Charlotte's body to Arnold's mansion. From the wiki: Dolores reactivates [Bernard], cautioni

What host cores did Dolores take with her?

At the end of Westworld's second season, Dolores has escaped in Charlotte's body to Arnold's mansion. From the wiki: Dolores-Charlotte joins the evacuation

How does Dolores pass the test?

At the end of Westworld's second season, Dolores escapes in Charlotte's replicated body. Before she speaks with Stubs and goes on board of a boat to escape the

Is Ashley Stubbs a host on Westworld?

When Stubbs stopped the Dolores-as-Charlotte host on her way to the boat to the mainland, he says Ford hired him "so many years ago I can hardly remember it". T

Did Bernard Just Reach the Center of his Maze?

In the Westworld season 2 finale, viewers experience a lot of surprises. One such surprise is that Robert Ford seemingly left Bernard's consciousness, when he d

Is Westworld intentionally referencing Hannibal Lecter?

A remake of the film of the same name, HBO TV series Westworld features iconic actor Sir Anthony Hopkins in a leading role, (as per the first season), a charact

Why does Dolores not die when she gets shot by William?

In the last episode of Westworld season 2 William shoots Dolores many times and she doesn't die. I understand, that hosts don't really die, their bodies just ac

Are the guests in Westworld forbidden to tell the hosts that they are robots?

I've just started watching Westworld (TV-show) and I am currently on season 1, episode 5. My question is, what would happen if the guests downright revealed t

Is Robert Ford behind "Shade" too?

I'm currently rewatching HBO's Westworld. In episode 1.04 (Dissonance Theory) Maeve continues to become aware of hosts' lives outside of their looped narratives

Are Dolores' memories semi-faulty?

In Westworld episode 1.05 (Contrapasso) viewers begin to see how Arnold's reveries work to slingshot consciousness, as Dolores continues to "remember" the past.

Who is this "other" Wyatt?

During the course of season one of Westworld, we learn that Dr. Ford has decided to let Arnold's legacy live with the intent of allowing the hosts to become con

What does Jerry take before going to bed?

In episode 1 of season 3 of Westworld, Jerry opens up a circular container and take a piece of something from inside, what is it that he ate shortly before goin

Is this unknown character meant to be an allusion to a Six?

While recently rewatching the HBO re-imaged TV series, Westworld, I noticed in the second season two episode titled, Reunion, the camera follows the back of thi

How much do tickets costs to enter Westworld? [closed]

How much does it cost to enter Westworld? Do patrons pay for each day?

Why is James Delos present in William's therapy/subconscious struggle in S3E6?

In S3E6 of Westworld we see that William is receiving a traditional therapy at the mental institution. During the therapy William saw his earlier selves as well

Why would visitors still want to come to Westworld? [closed]

The plot of the 3rd Westworld season diverged a lot from the initial storyline of the 1st season. For instance, throughout the 3rd season, we

Why didn't the AI do anything about Ford?

Throughout the 3rd Westworld season, we are shown an AI technology (Rehoboam) capable of predicting everyone's future, hence the direct implication that humans

Did Dolores abandon/forget this important goal?

** SPOILER warning for season 3 finale of Westworld ** In the season 3 finale it is revealed that Dolores' plan was not to destroy the humans, but to save them