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What happened to El in season 2 of White Collar?

I have recently started watching White Collar and think it's brilliant, but I noticed for the first half of season 2 that El doesn't seem to be there, all of he

How does Neal Caffrey make a living?

I'm assuming he had nothing of value when being released from prison (I guess all his possessions would be taken from him). He stays at June's place, paying

What was the point of the empty container in the beginning of White Collar S06E04?

Introduction Yesterday, I watched the latest (as of right now) episode of White Collar (Season 6, Episode 4), and in the beginning we see Neal enter a warehouse

Question regarding the finale of White Collar

At the very end of White Collar, it turns out that Neal faked his death and moved to France. I'm just curious as to why he didn't inform Mozzie, or even bring

Genre (or category) of White Collar Series according to the image given? [closed]

During my period of watching White Collar series, in one of the episodes, I noticed this : Now, the red circled area in the image is displa