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True identity of Wonder Woman

When researching more about Wonder Woman depicted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice I found slightly contradictory information about her background in the c

Is the Wonder Woman theme original?

After watching the new Wonder Woman trailer I noticed the prominent use of the 5-note (if I'm counting correctly) theme that's played at the end (starting at 2:

What explains Wonder Woman's decision at the end of the movie?

It isn't explicitly outlined in the movie as to what happens in Diana's life from the end of First World War up until the present day but it doesn't seem like s

How did the battleship sink?

Near the start of Wonder Woman (2017) the Germans, in their pursuit of Steve, stumble across the Amazonian homeland. Outside the magical force-field there is a

What kind of medicine is Dr. Poison administering?

This contains major plot spoilers for Wonder Woman so proceed at your own risk. What is Dr. Poison giving General Ludendorff that helps him get stronger and sh

What is the extent of Wonder Woman's powers?

Spoilers ahead for the Wonder Woman film, proceed at your own risk. In most comics and animated shows Wonder Woman is one of the physically strongest members o

Where did Wonder Woman's sword come from?

Now then, in Batman v Superman, we see that WW has a sword - this is a very special sword since it can pierce Kryptonian skin (namely doomsday's skin). T

Who exactly is Hippolyta?

In the movie Wonder Woman we see that Hippolyta is mother of Wonder Woman. Also, at the final fight scene between Wonder Woman and Ares, she says something on t

Why did they pick World War I over World War II in Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman in comics is associated with World War II not World War I, but in 2017's film Wonder Woman, it's set during World War I. What was the reason for th

Do Wonder Woman's bracelets have special powers?

We see in some parts of the movie that Wonder Woman's bracelets can be criss-crossed to emit an energy explosion. They can block most attacks, and even absorb

How old is Wonder Woman?

In the movie Wonder Woman, we see Wonder Woman as a child who grows into an adult. During the same time we see the people around her - the Amazons - not seem to

Can Wonder Woman die?

Obviously major spoilers ahead, please don't read if you haven't seen the movie. We are told towards the end of the movie that Diana is the god-killer, since a

Was Hippolyta telling the truth about Diana's origin?

At the start of Wonder Woman, we see Diana's "mother", Hippolyta, tell Diana that she was made out of clay and given life by Zeus. This is repeated by Diana at

How did Wonder Woman's shield withstand machine gun fire?

In one of the pivotal scenes of the movie, Diana goes out into No Man's Land between two trenches. She is eventually held in place by concentrated machine gun

Is Wonder Woman Immortal? [duplicate]

In the Wonder Woman movie she was born before WWI and in the BvS she was fighting doomsday. It doesn't look like she is aged a little bit. I

Wonder Woman's strength (2017 film) vs the comic books [closed]

I noticed Wonder Woman is incredibly strong in the 2017 film, being able to pretty easily lift a tank over her head. The only other Wonder Wom

How did they sail from Themyscira to London in one night while sleeping?

In the film Wonder Woman (2017), how did they sail from Themyscira to London in one night while sleeping? One would have thought it would take longer to sail t

Does the fog obscuring Themyscira do anything except hide the island?

In Wonder Woman (2017), the Amazonian island of Themyscira is obscured from the world by a mystical fog. After being hidden away for apparently thousands of ye

Intentional link between Ares' "armistice which cannot hold" and real Treaty of Versailles?

In the Wonder Woman movie, Ares makes a statement towards Diana, that he promotes an armistice which cannot hold. This sounds like an obvious reference to the r

What if a bullet hit Wonder Woman?

What happens if Wonder Woman didn't deflect a bullet with her bracelets and if it hit her in her head or non-armoured part of her body, would the bullet penetra