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Is Victor Creed from "X-men Origins: Wolverine" actually Sabretooth?

First of all, I have limited knowledge about X Men Comics and that too is from watching the movies. Is there any relation between the character of Victor Cr

Why Mystique's claw got broken into two piece

We know that Wolverine's claws are unbreakable and he can cut through any material using them. And Mystique can copy anyone one power completely, in fact in Day

How do Cyclops and Storm find Wolverine and Rogue, and why at that moment?

In the first X-Men movie (2000), Wolverine and Rogue are driving through icy Canada when they are attacked by Sabertooth. He knocks Wolverine unconscious and is

Why doesn't Professor X use Cerebro to locate Sabertooth or any of Magneto's henchmen?

I'm confused on one thing about the movie I just watched: In the first X-Men movie, Professor X is unable to locate Magneto with Cerebro, thanks to the power o

How is Rogue forced to help Magneto with his machine to convert people in mutants in the Statue of Liberty

Magneto's plan is to use Rogue in his machine, which requires grabbing two handles by the hands. She is handcuffed to the machine (both made of metal) and we se