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Why doesn't Yuriko get suspicious that a janitor is in a handscan-protected room?

In X2, Mystique infiltrates the office of Yuriko to hack into the computers and find the location of Magneto's plastic prison. In doing so, she gets takes on

How come Jason can stay safe when Professor X attacked mutants in X2?

In X2: X Men United, Professor X and Jason are in the cerebro where Jason tries to make him kill all the mutants. When Professor does this, all mutants starts t

Why didn't Nightcrawler teleport everyone to a far place?

At the end of X-Men 2 (2003), when they're trying to escape from the flood, why didn't Nightcrawler, teleport everyone to a far place?

In X2, how does Stryker know it is not Wolverine but Mystique?

In X2: X-Men United, when Mystique goes into the dam with Wolverine's appearance, how does Stryker recognise it is not Wolverine? In the French version of the m