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Where do the timelines of X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past lie exactly?

In X-Men: The Last Stand, we saw that Wolverine kills Jean Grey and Scott Summers was killed. Later, In The Wolverine, Logan recovers from his past. However, in

Why does Wolverine have metal claws in X-men Apocalypse? [duplicate]

The latest trailer shows Wolverine's claws at the end, but according to what I'd think is the new continuity after Days of Future Past, he sho

In what order should I watch the X-Men movies?

I am looking for the best order for "plot" or continuity where I don't get too many disjunctive stories, not necessarily the order they came out in - how should

Eye part mask of Spider-Man and Deadpool

A mask or helmet or any such wearables is mostly used for protecting one's head from injury or in this case protects one's identity. But for Spider-Man as depic

Is Logan no longer the Wolverine?

Logan in 1973 (X-men Days of Future Past) managed to set a new future for himself and for everyone else, which suggests that he may well have never had the chan

What happened to Magneto after the past changed in X Men Days of Future Past?

In X Men Days of Future Past, After the history was changed, Logan wakes up and we see that everyone is there, including Charles, Jean, Scott, Storm, and Beast.

Why didn't Pietro Maximoff tell Magneto they were related?

In X-Men: Apocalypse we get confirmation from Pietro that Magneto is his father, and he (Pietro) knows it. However, he never mentions this fact to Magneto. Woul

Wolverine's DoFP selective amnesia?

Wolverine seems to have selective amnesia during Days of Future Past, where he alternates between having little to no memory of his pre-Weapon X life, and being

Explanation on the condition of Wolverine

Does Wolverine forget everything in X-Men: Apocalypse while being experimented on as Weapon X? I mean I didn't hear properly when Jean said something about his

What is the basic power of Apocalypse?

Over a period of time En Sabah Nur, or commonly known as Apocalypse from X-Men: Apocalypse, has acquired many powers from other bodies/mutants. He has exhibited

Did Professor X ever marry someone?

In the original trilogy, there was not any mention about if Professor X was married to someone. However, while I was watching X-Men First Class, it seemed that

Where was Wolverine running to, after he escaped?

In X-Men: Apocalypse, Wolverine is shown to be escaping into a Narnia-like snowy place from the door of the lab. So, where was he escaping? Is there any hidden

Why did Erik leave his Helmet at the end of DOFP?

As the title states, why did Erik, the mutant terrorist known as Magneto, just leave his telepathy-blocking helmet at the end of Days of Future Past? A helmet h

When and how did Professor X bring sentinels in the X Mansion?

At the end of X-Men Apocalypse, there was a training session for X Men in which they had to fight sentinels. However, at the end of X Men Days of Future Past, s

Why did people love Deadpool (2016)? [closed]

It really hits me as I try to understand how people think about movies. The only thing I find interesting in the movie is the high-profile, ve

Why did Apocalypse say this?

I watched X-men: Apocalypse this week. During the climax scene: Jean rips him apart whilst he is also being attacked by Magneto, Storm and Cyclops. He looks at

Who was this girl who can manipulate birds?

In X-Men: Apocalypse we get to know that Magneto has started a family and has a wife and daughter. Now this newly established daughter shows the power to make b

Did the line about Krishna get altered in X-Men: Apocalypse?

In the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, we hear the following line being spoken by Apocalypse: I've been called many things in many lifetimes- Ra, Krishna, Yahweh

How did Apocalypse trap Quicksilver?

During the final fight with Apocalypse Quicksilver speeds up and starts landing blows to En Sabah Nur but after a while he traps his leg using the earth or sand

How can Professor X walk and use his powers?

After the bullet accident in X Men First Class, Charles Xavier (Prof. X) was only able to walk if he injected the serum that Beast created: (Days of Future Pa