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Why is the almighty force called Phoenix Force?

In the movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix the almighty force is known as Phoenix force, why is it named as such? The name of the force is also the inspiration for the na

How does Deadpool's mask work?

During this scene we see the gradual evolution of Wade's Deadpool costume. At one point Wade has holes for the eyes but the mask muffles his voice, and then in

Tuning fork in last two episodes of Legion S02

In the last two episodes of Legion, David sets a big tuning fork called "The Choker" which, when hit, removes the power of telepaths in the area. He is planning

Why is it Charles "X Xavier" and not simply Charles "Xavier"? [closed]

The pronunciation of Charles' surname is "X Xavier" and not simply "Xavier". What is the reason behind it?

When did this character have a change of heart?

In the Legion third season finale, it is revealed that Farouk was influencing (at least I think...) David to change his past so that he never gets possessed by

What was Francis' plan?

Near the end of Deadpool (2016), Francis kidnaps Deadpool's girlfriend and holds her hostage as bait for Deadpool. ("It's a trap."). But... Deadpool is effectiv

What is the importance of the souvenir from Lagos, Nigeria?

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, what is the importance of souvenir acquired from Lagos, Nigeria, that William Stryker wants the source of.

Where did Caliban come from?

In the movie Logan we can see Caliban along with Charles and Logan. But Caliban was last seen in X-Men Apocalypse. How was he particularly chosen to be in Logan

What happens to Victor Creed after "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"?

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Jimmy (Wolverine) has a brother named Victor. Near the end of the film, Wolverine and Victor separate. The movie ends explaining ho

Wolverine in both Pacific and European theaters?

If you watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine and then watch The Wolverine, you can find an incongruency in Wolverine's story. In X-Men Origins, you can see that in the

Why did Wolverine's name change from Jimmy to Logan?

In X-Men Origins, Wolverine is called Jimmy. Then he is called Logan? Is this because he lives forever and has to change to hide his mutation? My question here

How do some of the X-Men come back in "Days of Future Past"?

In Days of Future Past, Magneto has his powers again, Charles Xavier is alive and Rogue has her powers when in X-Men: The Last Stand, Magneto got the 'cure', Xa

How is Rogue forced to help Magneto with his machine to convert people in mutants in the Statue of Liberty

Magneto's plan is to use Rogue in his machine, which requires grabbing two handles by the hands. She is handcuffed to the machine (both made of metal) and we se

Was a deal needed with Fox to use Evan Peters?

In WandaVision, Evan Peters is cast as a version of Wanda's brother Pietro, aka Peter, aka Quicksilver. The Quicksilver in the X-Men movies is generally conside

In X2, how does Stryker know it is not Wolverine but Mystique?

In X2: X-Men United, when Mystique goes into the dam with Wolverine's appearance, how does Stryker recognise it is not Wolverine? In the French version of the m

Was Charles Xavier's 2nd seizure in Logan consistent?

Since Charles Xavier's seizures mentally paralyse those within range, that would explain why, in Logan, when he had his 2nd seizure, the car crashed normally ho

What was the significance in Laura tipping over the cross in Logan?

In Logan, in the final scene, Laura takes the cross on Logan's grave and tips it over. Why did she do that? Here's what I'm talking about: