Crossover episodes that have title cards for both series? [closed]

Crossover episodes that have title cards for both series? [closed] - Green and White Flower on Brown Book

Usually a crossover episode is clearly a Series A episode with a plot that includes visiting Series B characters.

Are there any cases where a crossover episode is a mainline numbered episode of both series?

Something like the two items below both being the exact same episode:

Series A - S03E06 - "That Crossover Episode"
Series B - S01E01 - "That Crossover Episode"

There are plenty of cases where crossovers exist in the "continuity" of both shows, but what I'm looking for is a single episode that is an official numbered episode of both Series A and Series B.

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones would qualify. But that's more of a TV-movie and/or dedicated special rather than a true episode of either show.

Are there any other cases where a single episode exists as an episode in the continuity of both shows? Preferably with shown title cards / credits for both.

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Not exactly what you want, but there was a two-part crossover which started in Magnum P.I. and concluded in Simon and Simon. Both were in-continuity episodes of their own series. On their original broadcast, the episodes were shown on the same night, one immediately after the other.

Details here

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A few months ago I saw the begining of an episode and got interested in seeing how it would turn out, not knowing that it was the start of a three hour story I would feel compelled to watch all of.

It was the October 19 rerun of The crossover event of the FBI episode "All That Glitters", Sept. 21, 2021, which continued in the FBI: Most Wanted episode "Exposed",Sept. 21, and ended in the FBI: International episode "PIlot", Sept. 21.

But I didn't check to see if the title cards for the 3 episodes included all three series or just one series each.

Here is a link to a list of some examples of tv shows with common coninutity and crossovers:

In the early 21st century the Disney Channel had a lot of crossover events between various live action shows, though not in the last few years. This created what is called the DCLAU, or Disney Channel Live Action Universe.

In most cases the crossover events include episodes of different series separately.

But sometimes it is a little different:

With the Jessie/Good Luck Charlie crossover event "Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas" both halves for each series were still produced separately by each series' production staff (with the credits for the second half running halfway through the episode during the obvious transition), but the entire event is considered a single episode, and listed as such in its entirety as the single episode "Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas" simultaneously for the production orders for Jessie and Good Luck Charlie (i.e., there are no separately-titled parts making up the whole).

Wikipedia lists "Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas", Nov. 29, 2013, as an episode of both Jessie (production code 306) and Good Luck Charlie (production code 418).

And so does the IMDB:

There are some websites about tv and/or other media crossovers, shared universes, and spinoffs. And it is possible that some of those sites might have places for you to ask your question.

I hope this helps.

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