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In episode 11 of Iron Fist Danny says to Davos after breaking his phone because hand may track them, that he left his phone back at the compound. But he has a phone in the next episode when Bakuto video calls him. Any explanation?

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Why was Davos fist red?

His attack move is called the "Phoenix Blow" \u2014 so the imagery makes sense. However, there is an issue of a team-up between Iron Fist and Spider-Man that features Davos taking Danny's power and his fist glowing red on the cover. In that issue, the power of the Iron Fist turns against Davos and almost consumes him.

Who kills Davos Iron Fist?

A gifted student of the martial arts, Davos was one of the final two candidates for the right to challenge for the power of the Iron Fist but was defeated in single combat by Wendell Rand, adopted son of K'un-L'un's ruler, Lord Tuan.

How did Danny Rand get the Iron Fist?

Daniel Thomas "Danny" Rand is the son of Wendell Rand, the CEO of Rand Enterprises, and his wife Heather. Rand lost his parents in a plane crash which resulted with the young Rand being rescued by monks and taken to K'un-Lun where he trained and eventually took the title of the Iron Fist.

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