Did Lalo do this to the innocent couple in S6E01?

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In S06E01, we see Lalo going to a couple's home after the events of last season.

It seems the couple knows Lalo and offered him coffee and talks with him about how he helped the family. And then we see Lalo catching the scissors as if to kill the woman, but it is not shown, and then it cuts to him going to the bathroom where the women's husband is shaving his beard and he sees him, both laugh and it cuts again. Nothing is shown about them afterward.

So did Lalo kill them? If so why when he helped them so much?

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Yes, because he needed the body of the man:

Needing a body to make his death look believable to Gus and the world, Lalo finds a man who closely resembles himself. He then encourages this man to shave his facial hair in a way that makes him look like Lalo's double.

Moments before Lalo kills the man off-screen, there's a shot where the man looks up at Lalo and you're supposed to notice that the two look very similar.

As pointed out by Miloslaw Smyk in the comments, and backed by this article:

Furthermore, paying for Mateo's dental treatments shows he also uses actions to back that up. The manipulation of Mateo and Sylvia adds another layer of villainy to Lalo, as it proves he's willing to prey on the struggles and naivety of innocent people to get what he wants before happily disposing of them when need be.

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What did Lalo do to the couple?

And, in Lalo's mind, forced him to kill that nice couple he had in waiting because the husband is something of a double. His eyes are blazing.

What did Lalo do to Mateo?

After spending some time conversing with the two, he kills both of them, but not before viewers see Mateo after he shaves, revealing that he looks just like Lalo. This confirms that Lalo is using Mateo's corpse as a body double for himself, and used the friendship he cultivated with the couple to achieve that.

What did Lalo do with the scissors?

Lalo tells him to keep the mustache and soul patch, something you may not think twice about at first. As the wife prepares coffee for Lalo, he removes a blade from a pair of scissors and heads to the bathroom where the man is shaving with the intent to kill him. But why? If the moment confused you, you weren't alone.

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