Did Nacho have sincere hatred for Lalo or was he dissembling?

Did Nacho have sincere hatred for Lalo or was he dissembling? - Cheerful diverse schoolgirls embracing near brick wall

It never seemed like Nacho's hatred in Better Call Saul, as expressed in his final scene for Lalo, was very well motivated -- sure, Lalo is a Salamanca and an extremely bad guy, but frankly, Nacho except for his loyalty to his father and his distaste for involving "civilians" (at least killing them), was also pretty much a bad guy who sold drugs and associated with Tuco, which had to have meant he was involved in some terrible stuff, etc.

I do not think Lalo threatened Nacho's dad directly -- Hector did and Nacho sure did hate Hector and probably hated Fring -- actually, no probably about it. But why specifically Lalo?

Was Nacho trying to mislead the Salamancas and Bolsa by expressing false hatred, to try to shift suspicion from Fring, which was basically all he could hope for: Make Fring grateful enough to protect Nacho's dad after he was gone, which Mike would have helped to enforce.

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To quote S06E01, "it's the Salamanca way". The Salamancas have quite the name and it is at several times suggested that they are cut from the same cloth. While Lalo and Hector are somewhat different when they're being nice, they are both ruthless and vindictive and keen on swift violent retribution.

Nacho would inevitably encounter the same problem with Lalo that he already had with Hector. On top of that he has the sword of Damocles above him with what he did to Hector. Lalo is not stupid and it will likely eventually come out, so Nacho has no reason to stop his planned exit from the Salamanca cartel just because leadership passed from Hector to Lalo.

For Nacho to go against Hector the way he did already suggests that he no longer has any love for the Salamanca cartel, plus they are a danger to him. His actions make sense.

Whether he sells drugs has no bearing on whether he likes the kind of violence that the Salamancas bring to the table.

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Did Nacho have sincere hatred for Lalo or was he dissembling? - Cheerful best multiracial friends in striped clothes interacting on couch in living room in house
Did Nacho have sincere hatred for Lalo or was he dissembling? - Joyful multiethnic women in headscarves walking on street
Did Nacho have sincere hatred for Lalo or was he dissembling? - Young cheerful multiethnic students with books having fun on urban pavement while speaking in daylight

What happens to Nacho on Breaking Bad?

Nacho will fall on his sword even as he could have still tried to selfishly make his escape and abandon his father who would most certainly end up being killed as recompense for his betrayal. This sets in motion a death march for Nacho that spans the remainder of the episode, ending with him dead by his own hand.

How are Lalo and Tuco related?

Background Information. Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca was born in Mexico and was raised by his uncle, Hector, as an enforcer of the Cartel like his cousins Tuco, Marco, Leonel, and his first cousin once removed, Joaquin.

When was Lalo Salamanca mentioned in Breaking Bad?

Lalo is Mentioned in 'Breaking Bad' In Saul Goodman's debut episode in Breaking Bad Season 2, titled "Better Call Saul", the lawyer is taken captive by Walt and Jesse who threaten him to not make Brandon "Badger" Mayhew (Matt Jones) talk to the DEA about Heisenberg.

How did Hector end up in a wheelchair?

How did Hector Salamanca end up on a wheel chair? Has this been shown in any episode? It was a stroke. This was revealed in the 2nd season when he and Jesse are reunited after Hank shot Tuco.

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Nacho hated Lalo because he perpetuated the wedge that the Salamancas placed between him and his father.

Yes, Nacho's hatred of the Salamancas is partly rooted in the physical threat they pose to his father, but running even deeper is the wedge that their business has put between Nacho and his dad. Yes, Nacho hates them because he knows they would kill his dad for his principled rejection of their illegal activity, but when Don Hector went down, that seemed to be the end of their plans to use his shop to transfer drugs. The plan is never mentioned again after Hector's stroke, and Lalo never brings it up. What does continue is the fact that Nacho's dad is disappointed and alienated from him and refuses to fully be a part of Nacho's life while he is tied to the cartel.

Enter Lalo, who represents the Salamanca's continued hold over Nacho. You don't just walk away from the cartel, but with Don Hector disabled and Tuco in jail, Nacho had a real opportunity to break away and win back his father's approval. Instead, Lalo shows up as the symbol of the Salamanca's renewed and reinvigorated presence. Lalo is the continued yoke around Nacho's own neck, holding him in this job that has caused him to be alienated from the person he loves most in the world. That's why Nacho hates Lalo.

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