Did Thanos pick them on purpose or was it random?

Did Thanos pick them on purpose or was it random? - Man in Black Suit Achieved an Accomplishment

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War,

Thanos' plan comes to fruition as people begin disintegrating, including Bucky Barnes, Drax, Groot, Mantis, Maximoff, Parker, Quill, Strange, T'Challa, and Wilson.

Could this be caused by Thanos' direct manipulation or does it happen without Thanos' interaction but as some random event?

The heroes getting disintegrated, was it because it was Thanos's choice to complicate the possible regrouping of the Avengers/Heroes or was it just random?

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The available evidence suggests that they were randomly selected.

When Thanos meets Doctor Strange on his (former) homeworld, he talks about the solution he had proposed (which was rejected) to resolve the problems caused by its overpopulation. That solution was to

kill half of the population, who would be selected in a "lottery, fair to rich and poor."

We also see the same thing occurring to

Gamora's homeworld in a flashback to when she was a child.

Given that his original plan was for it to be random, I think it's reasonable to conclude that that's still the plan. Besides,

they weren't able to stop him from obtaining all of the Infinity Stones when all of them were alive. There's no reason for Thanos to care which of them survive and which don't.

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Was the Thanos snap random?

Thanos claimed he would kill at 'random' and without 'passion' when he erased half of Marvel's entire universe \u2013 but he still played favorites.

Did Thanos achieve his objective reason?

Thanos secured the sixth and final Infinity Stone on Earth after a battle in Wakanda, ripping the Mind Stone out of the head of the android Vision. Though Thor nearly killed him at that moment, Thanos was still able to snap his fingers and finally achieve his goal.

How did Thanos decide who disappeared?

In 2018, during the Battle of Wakanda, Thanos activated the completed gauntlet and initiated the Snap, causing a universal genocide which eliminated fifty percent of all life, randomly disintegrating individuals into dust. The Snap had devastating universal repercussions.

How did Thanos get the reality?

In 2018, Thanos traveled to Knowhere and took the Aether from the Collector, solidifying it into the Reality Stone and adding it into the Infinity Gauntlet.

The Worst Thing Thanos Has Ever Done (Thanos Legacy Annual#1)

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