Did the Sea-Monster serve king Atlan?

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In the movie Aquaman, Aquaman is attacked by a sea monster who says something like: "no one has conversed with me since king Atlan" and the monster calms down, later the monster fights with Aquaman (after he claimed the trident) in the big battle.

Throughout the rest of the movie I didn't see any confirmation that the monster actually served king Atlan. Maybe I missed something, or it was meant to be left ambiguous. Any clarifying information is appreciated.

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Did the Sea-Monster serve king Atlan?

What suggests it doesn't?

Karathen was protecting the trident for Atlan and even Atlan was the last one who she can talk to, so of course she was doing Atlan's bidding by protecting the Trident's misuse. But as padfoot mentioned it looks more like allies rather then servitude

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Was the Kraken Aquaman?

Karathen is an underwater mythical sea creature that is the most powerful creature on Earth....KarathenFirst AppearanceAquaman14 more rows

What is the big sea monster in Aquaman?

Capabilities. Atlan's Trident is an incredibly powerful weapon, which can only be handled by the true heir of Atlantis. This relic of immense importance serves as a conduit through which mariner kings can channel and greatly magnify their abilities with.

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I got the impression that the "sea monster" served the "Ocean Master" and once Aquaman aquired King Atlan's Trident, he became the "Ocean Master" and thus ruled the sea monster and all other sea/ocean creatures.

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