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I read in this article that Wally West is the 3rd Flash. I also read that his father is named Rudolph. This got me confused. As someone who has never read The Flash, is this some different Wally West? I mean, I thought Wally was Joe's son and therefore Iris' brother, certainly not nephew

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No, the Wally West on TV is not the same as either of the Wally Wests that appears in the comics; then again, neither is Iris West (who's father is named William and didn't know Barry until they were both adults).

None of the characters on the show are exactly like their comic counterparts -- which, by the way, there are more than one. For most major DC character, there are four "main" versions (Golden Age, Silver Age, Post-Crisis, and New 52 versions) and dozens of "alternate universe" ones. The show, like all comics-to-TV adaptations, is taking pieces of the various comics canons and using them to build their own version of the characters.

We have no idea if Wally is ever going to end up a speedster. I seriously doubt they will ever call him Kid Flash, or that he will end up replacing Barry as The Flash (for one thing, they're the same age, while Wally in the comics is much younger.)

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How many versions of Wally West are there?

But currently there are two Wally Wests. How did that happen? The history of the Flash is emblematic of the history of DC, which is a history of legacy heroes. Not only have there been inheritors of various costumed identities, but there have occasionally been more than one hero occupying the mantles at once.

Why are there two Wally Wests?

There aren't \u201ctwo\u201d Wally Wests acting as Kid Flash. Classic Wally had already been operating as Flash before Wallace (the teenage, mixed speedster) became Kid Flash. Both characters share the same first, middle, and last name: Wallace Rudolph West.

What happened with Wally West?

Post-Flashpoint, he regained his superpowers and took on the name Kid Flash. He and The Flash teamed up for a time, but, eventually, Kid Flash decided to leave Central City on a soul-searching journey. He ended up at a monastery in China, where he joined the Legends of Tomorrow in Season 3 of that series.

What comic does Wally West disappear?

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't yet read DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 or TITANS: REBIRTH #1 and don't want to know what happens, stop reading this post now (spoilers ahead!) Wally West, former Kid-Flash, former Teen Titan, has been pulled from the timeline, and erased from the memories of everyone he loves.

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