Do we ever see any visions in the fire?

Do we ever see any visions in the fire? - Brown Human Eye

In various episodes of Game of Thrones we get to see visions, for example, in Qarth, when Daenerys Targaryen enters the House of the Undying, or many of Bran's visions. However, I think there are more mentions of visions seen by the followers of R'hllor than any other vision. However, try as I might, during the times when Melisandre says she is seeing something in the fire, I never do. (I'm plodding through all the episodes again, and I've reached season 4, so I'm fairly certain no fire till then shows anything unusual.)

Do we, the audience, ever get to see anything in the fires? If so, when? If not, why not?

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No, we don't. First. It is not like they are actually having a vision. They are reading the flames like a gypsy would read a deck of cards, or a witch would read bones or palm reading. Second, it is used to make the audience doubt the reader. We don't see anything because we are supposed to question whether the red woman is actually seeing something or telling the truth. To ask whether she is playing Stannis or not. Had we been shown a vision, then her actions would not be called into question.

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