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I didn't understand ending of The Man From Earth: Holocene. Just after cave painting, we see a man from FBI talks about guy who is found dead, who looks like John(s), but with description of black hair. But John hair was turning grey. And Moreover, where's the Pihip. And what we can conclude from ending of this movie.

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Just seen the movie second time. My guess is, that as everything on the world is balanced, if there was a good guy, John, than there was also a similar bad guy, the "Antichrist". They had to die the same time.

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What is the ending of Man from Earth?

However, one of his guests is left seriously offended, and another tragically realizes that John is his long-lost father just before he dies of a heart attack. The ending sees John once again moving on, as he's done for the last 14,000 years, but with a would-be lover in tow.

Is there a sequel to Man From Earth Holocene?

It is a sequel to the film The Man from Earth (2007)....The Man from Earth: HoloceneScreenplay byRichard Schenkman Emerson BixbyStory byRichard Schenkman Eric D. WilkinsonBased onCharacters by Jerome BixbyProduced byRichard Schenkman Eric D. Wilkinson10 more rows

Is the man from Earth true story?

Bixby's last work, which he completed on his deathbed in 1998, The Man from Earth is based on his own story written for a 1969 Star Trek episode. Called 'Requiem for Methuselah', the story was about a 6,000-year old man in outer space \u2013 but with none of the usual trappings associated with a sci-fi movie.


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