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In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, after Umbridge made him write with the punishment quill, did he tell Professor McGonagall about it, as Hermione suggested?

And if he did, what was Professor McGonagall's action? Did she have a confrontation with Umbridge?

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He did not go to any teachers about doing "lines with that special quill".

Actually, Hermione suggested that Harry go to Dumbledore, but Harry said he would not go. (I looked for a clip, but could not find one. All the searches go directly to Harry and Umbridge.) Hermione then says that it is simple (a clear-cut case for which any teacher would act on behalf of the student). But Harry says something to the effect that whatever it is, it is not simple. And then he walks away.

In the book, it's Ron that tells Harry that he should seek assistance from McGonagall. Harry retorts that he is not certain if she had enough pull to defy Umbridge. Then Ron suggests doing to Dumbledore. But Harry is upset with Dumbledore because he has refused to speak with Harry for the longest time.

McGonagall does have a confrontation with Umbridge much later in the story, and for different reasons.

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What happens in detention with Umbridge?

There were also many students Umbridge put into detention for using the Skiving Snackbox and claiming to have "Umbridge-itis", but after failing to discover their secrets, she was forced to allow them to leave her classes in droves. It is unknown if she used the blood quill to punish these students.

How did Dolores Umbridge punish Harry?

Harry considered Dolores's continuing employment, and the lack of any repercussions for her behaviour at Hogwarts, a sign of the Ministry's essential corruption, and refused to cooperate with the new Minister because of it (Dolores is the only person, other than Lord Voldemort, to leave a permanent physical scar on ...

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Simply put - no he doesn't. He doesn't want to go to Dumbledore because he was upset with him. He doesn't think McGonagall could overpower Umbridge (which was so wrong!).

I know this is mentioned extremely well in the answer above but just to add - when you are so into the story - try the books! They are magic that you will love.

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