How can Skyler buy a $800k car wash

How can Skyler buy a $800k car wash - Parked White Coupe during Night

I don't get how an unemployed teacher can buy a car wash?

I know it's just a plot, but do the writers ever refer to loaning the amount or justify buying Bogdan's car wash?

Any money laundering experts here?

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Basically, they claim that Walt won the money gambling and Saul arranges for casinos to provide fake confirmation.

This is covered in the Season 3, Episode 11 Abiquiu where the conversation goes something like..

So to begin with, what are we saying is the source of this money?

That's simple. Walt here, actually came up with a great story about gambling winnings.

Blackjack, right? Some card-counting system?

Well, actually that was Skyler's idea.

Well, you grow more gorgeous by the minute. There you have it. I'll generate false Currency Transaction Reports out the wazoo as well as the necessary W-2Gs. I know a couple casino managers who will jump at the chance to report false losses.

This actually becomes a plot point later on when the IRS claim $600k+ as tax on the winnings (which, of course, Walt is reluctant to pay).

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How does Skyler buy the car wash?

The car wash was later bought by Walt and Skyler White as a money laundering facility for Walt's illegally procured gains. After they have been helped, customers are told to "have an A1 day" (the motto of the car wash).

How much did Walter pay for the car wash?

Well, Skyler wrestles both Bogdan and his eyebrows into submission with her neat inspector stunt. So, Skyler pays $800,000 for the car wash instead of the asking price of $20 million.

Why does Skyler want the car wash so much?

The Whites buy a car wash to launder money Later on, after Walt's shifty attorney, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), suggests a way to launder the drug money, Skyler pushes to buy the car wash where Walt used to work. In the current season, Walt has suggested that they buy more car washes to launder more money.

Does Skyler keep the car wash?

She lost the car wash because it was paid for with the drug money so it was seized along with the cars, but the house was purchased before this all started.

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