How did Alfred find Martha?

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In events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, after the two protagonists were done fighting each other, owing to the fact that their mothers shared the same name, Batman says, he is going after Martha. He did not know where she was, but Alfred did and he lets him know her location.

How does Alfred know where she was? I want to know how did he tracked Martha?

It was shown that they were tracking the Russian man, but how did he know that he kidnapped her?

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Because they were already tapping Russian's phone

This is every call made from the Russian's phone. Two mentions of business with the "White Portuguese" and it's continuing transmitting black out data to the personal residence of Alexandra Luthor.

And later after the Martha's reveal

ALFRED: Uh, I'm sorry for listening in. But I've tracked the Russian's phone to a warehouse near the port. You're locked on to it.

So they just have to track a phone location of a person they had doubts.

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How did Batman find Martha?

3 Answers. Show activity on this post. You may remember an earlier scene in a bar after a bare-knuckle fight, where Bruce, during his investigation of \u201cthe White Portuguese\u201d, clones the mobile phone of the head goon who later kidnaps Martha. This allowed him to track the location of this criminal.

Why is Bruce so mean to Alfred?

It's suddenly made clear that Bruce has been pushing Alfred away out of fear. He's shut Alfred out because he's afraid of losing him. Bruce's cold treatment of Alfred wasn't because he didn't care, it was because he loved him so much that it frightened him.

Why is Martha Batman?

The name \u201cMartha\u201d was just a trigger. When Clark said \u201cSave Martha,\u201d Bruce simply got confused and angry, not understanding why he said so, \u201cis the alien playing tricks on me to save his own life?\u201d That's what Batman probably thought to himself, hence he asked the obvious question angrily \u201cwhy did say that name!?\u201d

Why did Alfred raise Bruce?

When Batman brought Dick Grayson home, Alfred did his best to make the traumatized young man feel at home and to be a friend to him. Alfred wanted to avoid the failures he believes that he had made while raising Bruce.

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