How did Kaecilius get set free?

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In Doctor Strange, How did Kaecilius get set free after he was chained by Dr. Strange.

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One of Kaecilius' acolytes comes and rescues him, and presumably frees him off screen.

Stephen: You think that's funny?
Kaecilius: No. No, Doctor. What's funny is that you've lost your sling ring.

At this, Strange realizes his ring is gone as a portal opens behind him, and he is shot with some sort of weapon. An acolyte comes up and pushes Strange down the stairs.

The next shot we see is of a wounded Strange hobbling down the hallway. Kaecilius is gone.

Aren't you a little short for an acolyte?

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How did Kaecilius break free from the time Stone?

Be aware: the whole question is basically a major spoiler! arrived in an already destroyed Hongkong. Strange then used the magic of his infinity stone to rewind time, presumingly aiming to get to the point, where everything was okay. But while doing this, Kaecilius managed to break the effect on him.

Does Kaecilius become a mindless one?

If Kaecilius did survive the ending of Doctor Strange, odds are he's now a Mindless One, which means he's pretty much dead anyways. Mindless Ones are not people with thoughts or desires, they are a mindless herd of killing machines.

Why does Kaecilius say hypocrite?

In Doctor Strange (2016), in the opening fight between The Ancient One and Kaecilius, she puts them in the Mirror Dimension. Kaecilius then shouts "Hypocrite!" because he knows that she secretly uses the Dark Dimension just like him, making her more powerful in the MD.

What did Dr Strange throw at Kaecilius?

During Kaecilius and Doctor Strange's fight in the New York Sanctorum, Strange picks up a glowing, horn-shaped relic that Kaecilius taunts Strange for not knowing how to use. That relic is actually the Evil Eye and came from Fantastic Four #54, and it's capable of literally whatever the writer wants or needs it to do.

Kaecilius Kills Priest - Doctor Strange Deleted Scene

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We don't know as it all happens off-screen.

It's possible he had other henchmen around and they released him.

A Wikia entry would seem to confirm this:

Strange removed the mouthpiece of the device [the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak] so he could understand what Kaecilius was saying. Soon after, Kaecilius' followers, the Zealots attack Strange, forcing him to retreat. The Zealots then destroyed the device, freeing Kaecilius.

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Strange took The muffler off of Kaecilius before leaving making it easy for him to try and convince Mordo to despise the ancient one and let him free, after strange returns and realizes Kaecilius is gone Mordo is the first one to enter the scene. I think Mordo let him escape especially after his comment at the end of the movie to Strange.

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