How did the culprit create the Darkasher?

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At the end of the first season of Carnival Row, we find out that

Lady Piety is the one who created the Darkasher and orchestrated all of the murders that the plot of the first season revolves around.

Like other viewers, I wondered who might be behind it all while watching the season, but one thing threw me off of the right guess. When Philo was investigating the case, he wanted proof that a Darkasher is even possible. One of the things we learned then is that his "seed" was necessary and that this is how the Darkasher would be tied to him. Also, it was made quite obvious that the seed in question is exactly what it sounds like: his sperm.

So, how did a female antagonist create a Darkasher?

There is some discussion on Reddit about this, with guesses of her or her unknown accomplice taking out her egg or an ovary. A dead (post-menstrual) egg doesn't fit the purpose, and taking out a live one (or more) would require quite a significant surgical procedure, one which I'd expect not to escape her husband. Or, at least, she wouldn't be able to count on him not noticing.

Normally, I'd chuck away this as "unimportant trivia", which is not welcome here, but seeing as it thorougly throws the suspicion away from the real culprit, I think it's a good enough question. Is it a major plot hole, or is there a better explanation for this? A mention from the authors or some source material that I've missed?

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How is a Darkasher made?

Philo's Darkasher Philo had a small Darkasher created from a dead mole and fish in an attempt to learn how to destroy one and to prove that such a creature could be created.

Who summoned the Darkasher in Carnival Row?

Using the dark magic she learned from a witch called the Haruspex (Alice Krige), Piety summoned a Darkasher, which is a golem-like creature made up of various body parts.

Who is controlling the Darkasher?

Absalom has figured out that Piety is the killer and the master of the Darkasher. She doubted that Jonah was his son, and it was Absalom's son who was augured for greatness. And he only had one son.

Who is the villain in Carnival Row?

Villain DescriptionSophie Longerbane is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Chancellor Jonah Breakspear) in the first season of the series Carnival Row.

Carnival Row Phillo Fights The Darkasher !

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