How did the package save his life?

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In the climax of Cast Away, Chuck (Tom Hanks) writes a note on the Fedex box which states that this package has saved his life. How exactly did that package save his life?

If I am correct, he never opens that package during the course of the film. Does it mean that he wants to deliver that package, which gives him a reason to live? Or have I missed something?

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You pretty much answered your own question.

The package that Tom Hanks' character held onto throughout his ordeal was the one thing keeping him going. His determination to see the package delivered gave him a purpose in life and, even though it seems trivial in nature, sometimes even the smallest goals can give people in trouble the strength to carry on and survive their predicaments.

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What is the significance of the package in Castaway?

BEST EXPLANATION: Narratively speaking, the package serves as a nifty framing device: the movie opens with a woman handing it to a FedEx deliveryman\u2014and ends with Chuck finally returning the box to the Texas studio of its sender.

What was in the package at the end of the movie Castaway?

In this version, the woman answers the door, and when Chuck asks what was in the box, the woman replies: "Just a satellite phone, GPS locator, fishing rod, water purifier, and some seeds.

What gift did Chuck give Kelly in Castaway?

Kelly gives him her grandfather's pocket watch, symbol of a slower time. Inside is her portrait. Chuck gives her an elegantly wrapped box that obviously holds an engagement ring.

Cast Away – What's in the Package?

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Well Chuck Nolan wanted to see his wife back too, I think it is what made him the most wanting to fight and get back "home". The package for me bore wings, that was probably symbolizing how he could fly back. I think he talks about launching his raft into the air. Plus he could be wanting to bring back any other package and cling to life, why specifically the one with wings ? well because of wings

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The villain in Cast Away is nature.

Delivering the package is a motivation to get off the island. He thinks if I get off this island, I will provide this to its rightful owner to symbolize his gratitude for living and loyal to his job. FedEx should have paid him 5 million because he returned it. By the way, 5 million was the perceived net worth of Chuck Nolan, the real castaway. Moreover, the fiancee had little to do with his motivation. He secretly did not like her after discovering that she buried "him" without a body.

Cast Away's climax builds when he leaves the island and is floating in the sea. The actual climax is when he loses Wilson (floating away), lying there thinking that he lost his best friend and will die (all hope lost). After the wave that seems to mark his end, we are taken off the intense climax by relief of the grandeur boat that saves his life. The resolution is the action of delivering the package. Is the aftermath of everything put in order, at least in Tom's mind.

The end is the classic Ernest Hemingway's the 'crossroad' less traveled. Since the main character has experienced such a usual life experience, the audience should expect he takes the less traveled road, no longer afraid of uncertainty and loneliness. Cast Away is a significant movie, from the toothache to the coconut, the SOS signals, to the wild waves.

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