How did Tuco know where to pick up Jesse?

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In episode "Seven thirty seven" (S02E01) of Breaking Bad, while talking to Skyler who is taking a bath, Walt gets a phone call from Jesse which he dismisses due to Skyler's company. He looks out through a window, sees Jesse's car and steps outside to meet him, only to be greeted by Tuco sitting in the back seat who turns his gun towards him and tells him to get in.

How did Tuco know where to pick up Jesse in the first place?

Although Jesse and Tuco seem to have some minor connection (e.g. through Skinny Pete), Jesse first meets Tuco in season 1 and they never get together anywhere near Jesse's place. In fact I don't think they even swap phone numbers which leads me to wondering how they scheduled their first meet-up at the scrapyard but that's just detail.

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You'd probably make for a terrible criminal.

You really think a person like Tuco just randomly starts associating himself with two strangers, without doing any sort of background check or having them followed? At the very least, there's always a check-up to see if at least you are not dealing with undercover cops. During that check-up, somebody's address is probably the easiest to find.

Obviously not something Tuco himself does, he just gets one of his henchpeople to do it.

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Why did Tuco follow Walt Jesse?

Tuco recognized Walt's near-perfect product as an essential for his meth operation and knew that keeping Walt on good terms with him would keep the purest meth in his arsenal.

Where does Tuco take Walt and Jesse?

Tuco takes Walt and Jesse to a remote, run-down shack in the desert where his ailing uncle, referred to as Tio, lives.

What did Tuco do to Walter and Jesse?

Murders committed by Tuco No-Doze: Beaten by Tuco for "disrespecting" their new partners, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Although Tuco tried to make Walt revive No-Doze, this was unsuccessful and No-Doze died from his injuries.

Breaking Bad Jesse gets beat up by Tuco

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