How does Carter cause Jarvis to get released?

How does Carter cause Jarvis to get released? - Crop anonymous child getting brown stones from white container at home

Watching Season 1, Episode 3 of Agent Carter. In one scene, when Jarvis is brought in for questioning, Agent Carter intercepts her boss just as he's going into the interrogation room. She states that she accidentally picked up his stolen car file, and at that point Jarvis stands up and states that unless he's charged, he's leaving.

How did Agent Carter picking up the stolen car file cause Jarvis to get released?

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Basically, the agents had been claiming that they did not have the stolen car report that Jarvis claimed he had filed.

Without that they could claim that Jarvis was lying about everything and pressure him into incriminating himself.

When Carter says out loud that they do have it Jarvis knows that the agents have nothing and were lying to him. So he challenges them to charge him or let him go.

Since they don't have anything they have to let him walk.

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What happens to Mr Jarvis in Agent Carter?

While Tony dated and became engaged to Natasha Romanova, Jarvis was shown to be continuously at odds with Natasha and both were quick to hurl insults at one another. Jarvis was later shot in the head by Natasha, a traitor within the Ultimates team.

Does Jarvis like Agent Carter?

It makes sense in that, Jarvis likes Peggy Carter, so of course the woman he's in love with would not be a quiet, prim and proper lady. She would be someone different, someone who challenges him, someone who excites him.

Is Agent Carter still canon?

Afterward, a series of tweets by authors Tara Bennett and Paul Terry revealed the status of both shows. In short, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is not canon, but Agent Carter is.

Does Jarvis have a wife in Agent Carter?

Ana Jarvis (portrayed by Lotte Verbeek) is the free-spirited and quirky wife of Edwin Jarvis who quickly befriends Carter. She is wounded by Whitney Frost, resulting in internal complications that render her unable to have children.

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