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Why Jesse always coincidentally comes in contact with those people who are related to drug business or drug addicts. Even Jane who seemed like a real nice girl was a Heroin addict. If Jane would have been a clean girl, Jesse would have had some chance of reconstructing his life. Even they planned to

run away to NewZealand and start a new life.

Is this his bad luck or a real example of what goes around comes around and life is seriously a b**** (pun intended)?

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Out of the universe:

Scenario. Because Walter White could have moved to Canada but then we would have no Breaking Bad. Same goes here, if Jesse settles...Well there is no more Jesse to follow.

In universe

Jesse was always going in drug related places, due to his activity as a meth cook and dealer. Even if he meets a nice girl, it's safe to assume that he would get along with someone who comes from the same places than him, so either a dealer, a cook or an addict as Jane.

So in some way he meets those drug related people "coincidentally" but in fact it's the only kind of people he can meet with, possibly the only one he can get along with.

You can also see that Walter White always pushes him to not quit the drug business, which reduces consequently his chances of giving up and "living a normal life".

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Is Jesse a rat?

The AMC series' most recent episode 'To'hajiilee' saw Jesse working with DEA agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) to trick Walter White (Cranston) into confessing his crimes. Speaking on Talking Bad, Cranston said that Jesse's decision to work with the DEA marked a point of no return for the character. "He's a rat!

Did Jesse rat on Walt?

So Brock, the child, is completely fine and healthy, yet when Jesse finds out Walter poisoned him to get out of the corner Jesse helped Gus push Walt into, despite only being pushed into that corner because Walt pissed off Gus by saving Jesse's life, Jesse decides to betray Walt yet again and try to burn his house down ...

What episode does Jesse get kicked out of his house?

Open House (Breaking Bad)"Open House"Breaking Bad episodeEpisode no.Season 4 Episode 3Directed byDavid SladeWritten bySam Catlin11 more rows

Is Jesse a junkie in breaking bad?

Jesse battles with an addiction to meth throughout the entire run of the show. At first, he doesn't seem fully addicted, and by the end he has (not really through any fault of his own) kicked the drug entirely. In the middle, things are often a lot worse.

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