Use Force Lightning can Yoda?

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In Star Wars Episode II, battling with Count Dooku Yoda was. Force Lightning against Yoda Dooku uses. The lightning from affecting him Yoda stops. Then Force Lightning back at Count Dooku he uses.

Using Force Lightning was Yoda or Count Dooku's Lightning back at him just reflecting?

Yoda and Count Dooku's battle with Force Lightning

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Reflecting Dooku's Force Lightning Yoda was. To generate his own, fall to the Dark Side he must. Absorb and reflect he can, as a great master of the Light Side.

Requested, a citation has been. Point to Wookiepedia I can, for strong in the source are their articles. The film itself, their reference is. The novelization possibly more detail contains. Force Lightning only Sith wield, at least in G-canon. Force Lightning also some Jedi wield, in lesser-canon tales.

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Why can Yoda deflect Force lightning?

Force lightning could also be absorbed and redirected by a Jedi of sufficient skill; Yoda demonstrated this ability by both reflecting and absorbing it during a fight with Count Dooku. Force Absorb: It negated the harmful characteristics of certain offensive Force powers, such as Force Push and Force Lightning.

How does Yoda counter Force lightning?

Because he used force ability called tutaminis. He was able to standstill darth sidiouses force lightning And absorb darth tyranuses lightning.

Can Jedi do Force lightning?

Instead, Jedi refrain from using Force lightning because it not only requires calling upon the dark side of the Force, but also because it is often seen as immoral. One reason that Jedi do not use Force lightning is that a Force user must draw upon the dark side and their negative emotions to create it.

How did Yoda summon lightning?

Of note is the fact Sith lightning erupts from the user, Yoda never had any contact with the lightning, he simply summoned it forth from the environment. Also, its probably not possible for Yoda to "have contact" with anything in his current incorporeal form.


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The very short answer is that Yoda is certainly theoretically capable of casting Force Lightning, but to do so would require a 360° rethink of his Light Side philosophy. Basically he would need to discard a lifetime of Jedi teachings and become a Sith before he could do it.

The website notes that Force Lightning is a specifically dark side power, one that requires the user draw on anger and hatred to disfigure the Living Force enough to draw raw energy from the Force itself. Yoda and Mace (and Luke) are said to be capable of deflecting it, but there's no indication that they can generate it:


Force lightning is a dark side ability used to torture, disfigure, and even kill one’s victims. Blue in color, Sith shoot Force lightning from their hands by calling on their hatred and aggressive feelings. However, while a deadly weapon, it is not unstoppable. Force lightning can be deflected and absorbed by a lightsaber, and select Jedi have proved able to neutralize the technique through the power of the light side. - Star Wars Databank: Force Lightning


Palpatine raised his spidery arms toward Luke: blinding white bolts of energy coruscated from his fingers, shot across the room like sorcerous lightning, and tore through the boy’s insides, looking for ground. The young Jedi was at once confounded and in agony — he’d never heard of such a power, such a corruption of the Force, let alone experienced it. - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Official Novelisation

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Shooting force lightning would defeat the object of what it means to be a Jedi. If you belive in the butterfly effect a tru master of Tai Chi is someone who can take the agression of others and reflect it back to achieve peace, even if it means reflecting it directly towards the attacker as the fastest means of achieving this outcome. Yoda could easily summon force lightning but at most it would be to cook his breakfast not at all to inflict harm, the path to the dark side this is.

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