What did Walt mean to tell Jesse

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In Breaking Bad, Season 2, later on after giving the 480K to Jesse, Walt goes round to his house once more and finds Jesse high, asleep next to Jane, then witnesses her throwing up and choking to death.

Before letting himself into the house though, while knocking on the door, he repeatedly says "Jesse I just want to talk".

What did Walt want to discuss at that point?

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Walt had an argument with Jesse... Well, actually it was Jane who had tried to blackmail Walt into giving Jesse the $480K. But there had been a strain on Walt and Jesse's relationship for a while.

So, if you recall, after Walt drops off the money to Jesse and Jane, he goes to a bar and coincidentally runs into Donald, Jane's father. They begin talking about family, not knowing their lives are intertwined, and Donald makes a remark about never giving up on family. Walt had gone back to talk to Jesse, to smooth things over, and when he saw Jane in the throes of death he pretty much knew the best solution was to get her out of the picture.

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Why was Walt so mean to Jesse?

He's kind of the voice of reason between the two. Walt called the neo-nazis to kill Jesse because as a prior episode is titled, he sees Jesse as a rabid dog. Jesse found out that Walt poisoned Brock and manipulated him into killing Gus. Jesse also assumed Walt killed Mike, who Jesse really cared about.

Why did Walt confess to Jesse?

Walt told Jesse about Jane because Walt purposely wanted to hurt Jesse. Walt felt completely betrayed that Jesse was working with the D.E.A.; specifically Walt's brother-in-law Hank. As far as how this is all going to end, I'd say BADLY. Like Walt commented to Walt Jr while watching Scarface, "they all die."

Why did Walt manipulate Jesse?

Walt played mind games with Jesse Jesse tried to quit the drug game multiple times but Walt always refused to accept his resignations. He manipulated Jesse into believing Gus Fring poisoned Andrea's son Brock when Walt himself was the one who poisoned the child using a Lily of the Valley plant in his backyard.

What does Walter say in his confession?

He claims that eventually Gus put a hit on Hank, resulting in serious injury to Hank (partially true,). Walt makes one truthful statement: that it was his drug money that covered Hank's medical bills of over $177,000.

Walt and Jesse: The Most Conflicting Relationship in Breaking Bad

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I'd add an element to @JonnyBones point. Indeed, Walt happens to meet Jane's father (not knowing he is), Donald, in a bar after he brought the money to Jesse & Jane. Walt talks to Donald about his newborn baby girl, his 16 year old boy and then about his "nephew", meaning actually Jesse, and the

...frustration that goes along with "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do know what is best for you, so listen", and of course they don't ; I mean what do you do with someone like that

Walt talks to Donald

to what Donald responds

Family. You can't give up on them, never. I mean, what else is there?

which makes Walt decide to go back to Jesse's apartment, "to talk".

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