What does Groot say to Captain America?

What does Groot say to Captain America? - Man Holding Ship's Wheel

When Thor introduced Groot to Captain America, the reply from Groot was "I am Groot" .. what is he saying in his language here?

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We don't know...

...but it's likely he's saying exactly what he actually means.

Oh, by the way, this is a friend of mine. A tree.

I am Groot!

I am Steve Rogers.

The joke here is that everything Groot ever says in his language comes out as "I am Groot"...it's just that in this specific instance the sounds match what he would say in these circumstances.

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What is Groots famous line?

"I am Groot." "He hates hats." "I am Groot." "On anyone, not just himself."

What does Groot always say?

Groot is a Flora colossus from Planet X, the capital of the branch worlds. The Flora colossi are tree-like beings whose language is almost impossible to understand due to the stiffness of their larynxes, causing their speech to sound like they are repeating the phrase "I am Groot".

What did Groot say to Peter in Infinity War?

Fans loved the hilarious moment. In a new teaser for "Avengers: Infinity War," the Guardians of the Galaxy are shown flying through space. Groot is in the back playing a portable video game when Peter Quill aka Star-Lord asks him to put it away. "I don't want to tell you again," he says.

What else does Groot say?

Endgame originally had Iron Man fighting Heimdall in Asgard Rocket then offers that he has blasters or they could use knives and Groot says\u2026 \u201cI am Groot\u201d which translates to \u201cYes, I like knives.\u201d So much like the rest of the Guardians on board the ship, Groot also wanted to see the Quill and Thor fight.

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