What does it mean to be a show's "screech"?

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The Drop the Mic battle between Kunal Nayyar and Mayim Bialik has the following line from Mayim Bialik:

You're basically our show's Screech.

The battle between Ashton Kutcher and Sean Combs has a similar line referring to Screech, so this seems to be a somewhat common reference.

I don't get it though. Looking online, it seems that it might be a reference to Samuel Powers from Saved by the Bell. Is this correct? What is the nature of the Samuel Powers' character that would explain the line?

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Screech, as you pointed out, was a comic relief but somewhat annoying character from Saved By The Bell (1989-92). He was played by Dustin Diamond, an actor with a troubled history who would eventually be arrested for possession of a switchblade knife after stabbing someone in a bar. His career never really went anywhere, much like his character on Saved By The Bell.

As such, a "Screech" is someone who is basically an annoying loser.

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