What happened to Sophia Varma?

What happened to Sophia Varma? - Red Flag on White Pole Near Body of Water

At the beginning of the series Blindspot, Sophia Varma was a high-ranking government official as well as Bethany Mayfair's lover and coconspirator in the illegal operation Project Daylight. Believed to have committed suicide over her participation in Daylight, she was revealed to have been persuaded by Remi (Jane Doe) to assist the terrorist group Sandstorm and even helped implicate Mayfair in the deaths of CIA agent Tom Carter and private detective Donna Holloran.

Beyond setting up Mayfair, and trying to convince Jane Doe the setup was necessary and justified I don't recall ever hearing of Sophia's final fate- can anyone fill me in on this?

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Who is Sophia in blindspot?

"Blindspot" Persecute Envoys (TV Episode 2015) - Sarita Choudhury as Sophia Varma - IMDb.

Is Bethany Mayfair dead?

That Mayfair would end up dead as a result. That's right. Mayfair escaped house arrest to track down those responsible for framing her and came face-to-face with Jane. But before Mayfair could lash out against her, Oscar shot Mayfair in the back, and she died.

Who kidnapped Jane blindspot?

It's implied that moments after Jane was taken to the FBI, she was taken away by the CIA who sent her to a black site in Oregon where she was tortured every day for three months.

Who is the guy with the tree tattoo blindspot?

During her ordeal, Jane flashed back to a memory in which she overheard Carter mentioning the mysterious \u201cOrion,\u201d but before the two could hash things out, Carter was shot by the man with the tree tattoo revealed to be Jane's former fiancee, Oscar (Francois Arnaud), who has been following her since at least episode six ...

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