What is Uru made of?

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In the MCU, Uru is the material Thor's axe Stormbreaker, (and possibly Mjolnir IIRC), are made of. Is there any indication what this metal is?

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From MCU wikia,

Uru was a godly metal forged in the furnaces of Nidavellir.

Mjolnir, Stormbreaker and also the Infinity Gauntlet were forged using Uru.

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Is Vibranium stronger than Uru?

Its original proto-adamantium vibranium alloy is completely indestructible under normal circumstances. The proto-adamantium vibranium alloy can be broken with molecular and reality manipulation, but with the Uru metal, it is stronger than ever and it can be enchanted to be even more indestructible.

Is Uru metal real on Earth?

So, could we find uru metal in real life? The answer is a surprising yes. Given the properties of uru, the closest substance we have in our galaxy is metallic hydrogen, and in order to obtain a sample you'll have to travel to Jupiter.

Is Uru an element?

Comic. Uru is a metal forged in the furnaces of Nidavellir. It is purportedly so powerful that the only way to melt it down for forging is with the power and heat of a star.

Is Uru and Vibranium the same?

Vibranium is better for defense such as armor or sheilds because it's not heavy like Adamantium or Uru and has relative Durability. Adamantium is much better for weapons due to having the ability to cut or peirce through anything once sharpened.

What is uru Metal Made Of ?

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Uru is not a metal per se, it's a metallic ore. Its appearance is stone-like with metallic properties. The ore is primarily sought after for its ability to store energy, particularly magical ones.

It is found and mined only in the Nidavellir realm. It is one of the most prized exports of the dwarven miners that reside there.

You are correct about it being the material used to make both Stormbreaker and Mjolnir. Apparently, it was also used to construct Odin's spear - Gungnir, which he can be seen holding in previous Thor movies. It is said to occur in two variations in terms of appearance.

The appearance of Uru metal ore is in two forms, one as "metallic gold" (Gungnir, Stormbreaker) and the other as having a luster that has been described as "badly wrought iron" (Mjolnir). When Uru is enchanted, it becomes much more durable.


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