Where does Amy Farrah Fowler work?

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Wikipedia and the BBT wiki both say she's a neurobiologist, but I can't find any indication as to where she works. She's not at Cal Tech with the guys, except when she specifically goes there for a project. Is it ever specified?

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There is no information on Amy's job in or out of universe at this time. All we know is that it is not Caltech, she's a researcher, and was kicked off the monkey project due to some mutual poop throwing.

Update: As of Season 7, Amy got moved to Caltech, but the specifics of the arrangement isn't detailed. We do not know if she got hired there, under a research grant, a collaboration between two universities or a private company and Caltech, or even if the space is just rented. This seems to have ended as of Season 10.

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Where does Amy Farrah Fowler work? - Free stock photo of achievement, business, casual
Where does Amy Farrah Fowler work? - Free stock photo of achievement, aid, business

Did Amy work at Caltech?

Amy begins to work at Caltech. Sheldon mentions that his favorite Muppet is the Swedish Chef though in the movie "The Muppets", Jim Parsons plays the human version of a muppet. Amy hasn't worked with Sheldon since he worked in her lab in "The Vacation Solution" (S5E6). She technically only works near him at Caltech.

What college did Amy Farrah Fowler work at?

After high school, Amy went to Harvard, then to graduate school, and later received a Ph. D. in neurobiology.

When did Amy move to Caltech?

Amy moved to Caltech in season 7. She started consulting on a neuroscience experiment and naturally hoped that her proximity to Sheldon would make their relationship better. She was, of course, not made to feel welcome by Sheldon.

Why did they change Amy Farrah Fowler?

Fortunately, Amy's character underwent a drastic transformation, but the writers didn't change her personality completely, so they just tweaked her enough so that while she remained a watered-down version of her partner, she also acquired a distinct personality.

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In 'The Re-Entry Minimization' Amy suggests going to the UCLA cadaver lab to play real-life Operation. If she has privileges there, perhaps that's where she works.

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In The Vacation Solution there was a research poster outside Amy's lab. I got curious and googled it, and what visible parts of the title and authors seem to match this paper with authors from UCLA, Brown University and Germany. Since universities usually display their own researchers' published posters I'd assume that it is in UCLA.

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