Where was the Blake's 7 episode "Rumours of Death" filmed?

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I've not been able to identify the stately home that features as "Residence 1" in the Blake's 7 episode "Rumours of Death". I think it should be quite recognisable.

Does anyone know where it is?

Location of Residence 1

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I remembered a scene from a Blake's 7 episode.

I just watched the begining of "Rumors of Death" online and the scene I remembered was in it.

I thought that the mansion I remembered from that scene had a pedimented portico with about 4 columns. But there is no portico in exterior shots of the mansion, so it appears my memory is faulty and the mansion is even less impressive than I rememberd. I always thought that claiming the mansion cost more than building two new cities was an incredbily extreme exaggeration - whatever happened to the proverbial British understatement - and now it appears that the exaggeration is even more extreme.

From what I have seen of the exterior of the mansion so far, it could be Cornbury Park, as BCdotWEB suggests in his comments. Or maybe one of perhaps a hundred other English mansons with a similar style.

I suppose that if someone watches the episode to the end the end credits might have locations listed.

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What happened in the last episode of Blakes 7?

Avon and Vila survived, as Terry Nation intended to use the characters further (see Tony's letter below). Dayna probably died, as she was shot by Arlen's gun (the others were shot by Federation troopers, whose blasters could have been set to stun) and, well, she looked dead.

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Just adding to the above, as I think the Cornbury suggestion nailed it (and is confirmed in the linked pages of the answers and below):

enter image description here

Complete with giant tree to the right.


enter image description here

Lets take the location of ‘Residence One’. It would appear that Blake’s 7 isn’t the only series that Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire has hosted.

This page also has a couple of comparison shots:

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At the suggestion of @BCdotWeb, I did a Google search for "Cornbury Park Blake's 7" and was directed to information about the house.

Among a number of other television drama appearances (Inspector Morse, Father Brown) this specific Blake's 7 episode is listed.

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