Where was Valkyrie?

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There are a lot of discussions happening presently regarding the opening of Infinity War, and specifically the absence of Valkyrie from the Asgardian refugee ship.

Tessa Thompson, who plays the character has even humorously weighed in, which may imply that even she doesn't in fact know...

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Is there any indication within the film what fate may have befallen her? it seems odd to kill off a character off screen, who was so prominent in the last Thor film. Is she even mentioned?

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Thor mentioned in the film itself that Thanos killed half of his people only:

Thor: There's six stones out there. Thanos already has the Power Stone because he stole it last week, when he decimated Xandar. He stole the Space Stone from me, when he destroyed my ship and slaughtered half my people. The Time and Mind Stones are safe on Earth. They're with the Avengers. source

And From comicbook.com:

According to the Redditor, Russo confirmed Valkyrie did survive Thanos’ ambush of the Sanctuary II. The director did not say how, but he did say a portion of the Asgardians also survived. Russo said escape pods ferried those survivors away from the battle, giving the Asgardian race the chance to escape extinction. It is very possible the Valkyrie was charged with overseeing that evacuation since most of the Asgardian refugees were simple civilians.

So she survived and is roaming around somewhere.

Or maybe she just became a goat ;p


Update from Avengers: Endgame-

Valkyrie is alive and well in New Asgard after the event of Avengers: Infinity War. She even participates in the final showdown with other female heroes on a winged horse after Hulk's snap.

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Where was Valkyrie in Thor?

She resided on Sakaar as a bounty hunter designated Scrapper 142 after her defeat at the hands of Hela. Years into her self-imposed exile, Valkyrie found the Asgardian prince Thor and sold him to the Grandmaster, only to grow towards him when he told her of Hela's new invasion of Asgard.

Where was the Valkyrie in Infinity War?

Another reconfirmed the news: \u201cJust in! Valkyrie lives. According to director Joe Russo, she was taken on a rescue ship along with some other Asgardians.\u201d

Where was Valkyrie when Thanos attacked Thor?

The last we saw of Valkyrie, she was aboard the Statesman ship with the rest of the Asgardian survivors and a few Sakaar gladiators like Hulk and Korg at the very end of Thor: Ragnarok. Which means that she was still aboard the ship when Thanos and the Black Order attacked it at the beginning of Infinity War.

Is Valkyrie historically accurate?

Historians say it is authentic from the inside the to the mosquitoes seen flying around outside. The Plot: For the most part, the plan was conceived and carried out exactly as portrayed by the film. Early in the film, a bomb is placed on Hitler's plane, but it fails to go off.

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