Where were the cannons in final fight in Wakanda in Infinity War?

Where were the cannons in final fight in Wakanda in Infinity War? - Soldier Holding Rifle

In Black Panther, Ulysses Klaue describes his arm cannon as a leaf blower in comparison to the cannons/weapons that Wakanda has.

Infinity War comes after the events of Black Panther, so the weapons should exist. During the final fight with the children of Thanos and Space Dogs (as Rocket refers to them), Wakandans could have used these powerful cannons, pointing them at the opened section of barrier. Instead they chose a fist fight.

Even M'Baku says that it would be the end of Wakanda, so the magnitude is huge and risks are very high. Why were these powerful weapons not used?

Edit 1: I watched the movie again and planes are there in the fight. But they were only used to destroy the spaceships that crashed.

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The actual quote being referred to is, after mentioning Vibranium;

KLAUE "It powers their city, their tech... their weapons"

ROSS "Weapons?"

KLAUE "Makes my arm cannon look like a leaf blower!"

There is no specific mention of cannons in the text, and there is no requirement for Wakanda to have them. They are a tribal entity and, existing in relative secrecy as a technologically ascendent nation, do not participate in open warfare. Given their defensive capabilities, it would seem they have never faced an invasion.

Their battles are minor skirmishes against interlopers, what use would they have for stationary armament? The city is both cloaked and shielded, Wakanda's MO is to deny intruders, not engage them... until the events of Infinity way, that is.

As per some of the comments above; this is the same reason they do not have tanks, helicopters, ICBMs... they have never had need for them. The jets intended use is seemingly for concealed transportation with some defensive armaments, instead of loaded up with ordnance. They are interceptors, not bombers, which makes sense given Wakanda's use of them. They could perhaps have been deployed during the battle, if there are many left after Ross destroyed those trying to escape with Vibranium at the end of Black Panther.

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Where did Wong send cull Obsidian?

After Thanos defeated Hulk, Obsidian watched as Heimdall used dark magic to send him away on the Bifrost Bridge, before being killed.

What happened to cull obsidian in Infinity War?

Finally, Bruce tricked Obsidian into stabbing his blade into the armor's severed gauntlet after which Bruce activated the gauntlet's thrusters. Obsidian and the gauntlet were blasted into the Wakandan shield where the gauntlet overheated and exploded, killing Cull Obsidian.

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The Outriders are a mindless species subservient to Thanos and the Black Order. They were used to fight in the Battle of Wakanda and the Battle of Earth.

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In order to prevent this, T'Challa ordered a section of the barrier to be opened so that the enemy would funnel directly towards them with their attention drawn away from Vision. As expected, the Outriders immediately began pouring through the opening en masse.

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